10 Most Amazing Volcanoes in Iceland


Surrounded by the wild waters of the North Atlantic, Iceland is a really geologically and volcanically lively nation that boasts many breathtakingly stunning landscapes. As it lies on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the island is dotted with volcanoes; round 30 of them are lively. These typically lie amid massive lava fields, beneath glowing glaciers, or hidden away amongst rocky mountain peaks.

Exploring the nation’s dramatic and numerous surroundings is a delight. Spurting geysers and simmering scorching springs can typically be discovered round its spectacular stratovolcanoes. Home to round 130 volcanoes in whole, Iceland’s many volcanic landscapes rely amongst essentially the most riveting in the nation, attracting hordes of vacationers yearly.

10. Krafla


Lying in the north of the island, Krafla is a beautiful caldera surrounded by steaming vents, boiling mud swimming pools and effervescent scorching springs. In distinction to its fiery and frequent geothermal exercise, its crater is dwelling to a coldwater lake that’s famend for its pleasant emerald blue color.

While it solely reaches 818 meters in top, Krafla’s otherworldly look makes it effectively value trying out. Many folks go to it alongside the close by Myvatn Nature Baths.

9. Prestahnukur


Set in the Highlands of Iceland, the hulking presence of Prestahnúkur looms over the colourless, low-lying, and nearly lifeless landscapes that lie round it. The darkish and desolate look of the volcanic desert across the volcano is as a result of millennia of lava flows and eruptions of ash which have combined in with the earth.

Itself barren and rocky, Prestahnúkur and its 1,220-metre-high peak have a brooding and heavy really feel about them. In the previous, many individuals believed it was inhabited by ghosts. Its title in Icelandic means ‘peak of the priests,’ named after two males of the e book who explored the mysterious mount discovered nothing amiss.

While these sagas and folktales have been disproved, the atmospheric Prestahnúkur’s secluded setting definitely make for a memorable go to.

8. Snaefellsjokull


One of essentially the most well-known and photographed sights in the entire of Iceland, Snaefellsjokull lies perched on the tip of Snaefellsnes Peninsula, with icy waters mendacity throughout it. Formed lots of of 1000’s of years in the past, the traditional stratovolcano is topped by glittering glaciers with crumbling cones, jagged craters, and lava-scarred landscapes additionally on present.

Besides its excellent magnificence, the 1,446-metre-high Snaefellsjokull can be famous for its cultural significance: it options in a variety of Icelandic sagas and literary works. Of these, essentially the most well-known is undoubtedly Jules Vernes’ Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Set inside a wonderful nationwide park of the identical title, proper in the far west of Iceland, Snaefellsjokull is without doubt one of the nation’s most recognizable symbols.

7. Hverfjall


Known each as Hverfell and Hverfjall, this small, extinct volcano is one in all northern Iceland’s hottest vacationer points of interest. This is as a result of it lies simply off the Ring Road and isn’t too arduous or time consuming to hike.

You can simply clamber up its 420-metre-high tephra cone and amble round its kilometer-wide rim in simply an hour. Appearing very very like a crater on the moon, Hverfjall’s crumbling and round volcano partitions lie amid a desolate and unforgiving panorama. The stocky tuff ring volcano is commonly visited alongside the shallow waters of Myvath that lie close by.

6. Oraefajokull


Located on the island’s southeastern shoreline, Öræfajökull is each the biggest lively volcano in the nation and its highest peak total. Covered in a blindingly vibrant white glacier, the sprawling mount reaches 2,110 meters at its tallest level, with fabulous views to be loved from its summit.

From up excessive, you possibly can see out over the coastal cliffs, with Vik’s well-known black sand seashores spied off in the gap. Set inside Vatnakojull National Park, Öræfajökull could be very fashionable amongst hikers as a consequence of its outstanding and picturesque peak and all of the gorgeous surroundings that surrounds it.

5. Askja


Set in Iceland’s wild and distant inside, Askja and its monumental caldera can solely be reached by traversing the rugged terrain of Odadahraun – the island’s largest lava area and volcanic desert. While merely getting there’s half the expertise, Askja itself makes for an awe-inspiring sight; it boasts two stunning lakes which stand out delightfully in opposition to the darkish landscapes round them.

While the biggest of the 2, Oskjuvatn, is often frozen over for a lot of the yr, Vit, is definitely heat sufficient to wash in as a consequence of its effervescent scorching springs. To add to the spectacular scene, the Dyngjufjoll Mountains lie throughout Askja’s 1,516-meter-high caldera. These are dwelling to a lot of dramatic canyons and gorges.

The space’s look is so otherworldly that NASA despatched astronauts right here to arrange for his or her lunar missions.

4. Grimsvotn


The most risky of Iceland’s volcanoes, Grímsvötn is understood to have erupted a minimum of 60 instances all through its historical past, with the most recent having occurred in 2011. This disrupted worldwide air journey for days, as columns of thick smoke and ash rose into the sky. While the volcano definitely can erupt fiercely and ferociously, its small stature belies its superior energy.

This is as a result of a lot of the 1,725-metre-high volcano really lies beneath the big Vatnakojull ice-cap. Consequently, most of its craters are obscured from view, with solely a part of its caldera and crater protruding above the ice. This, nonetheless, makes for a formidable sight, with Vatnakojull National Park’s countless expanse of ice and snow mendacity throughout it.

3. Hekla


Due to its frequent and fiery eruptions, Hekla is accountable for a big swathe of Iceland’s look. Over the millennia, it coated its environment in lava and tephra. It was the volcano’s tempestuous disposition that led to it being nicknamed the ‘Gateway to Hell’ in the Middle Ages.

Since it’s final eruption in 2000, Hekla is now a very talked-about place to go mountain climbing. It usually takes round 4 hours to summit its 1,488-meter peak. Looking considerably like an overturned boat, the stratovolcano’s lengthy ridge is riddled with craters and is commonly lined in snow and small glaciers.

Looming above the desolate and devastated landscapes that lie round it, Hekla is one in all island nation’s most well-known volcanoes.

2. Katla


Located in a distant a part of southern Iceland, Katla lies partially obscured by the glittering Myrdalsjokull glacier. This hides the truth that it’s really one of many largest and strongest volcanoes in the nation.

Towering to 1,512 meters, Katla boasts a ten kilometer-wide caldera, which is often coated in lots of of metres of ice. This rises imperiously above the encompassing lunar-like landscapes. The mighty mount has explosively erupted quite a few instances all through its historical past, though the final violent occasion occurred in 1918.

Due to its proximity to Eyjafjallajökull, many imagine that the neighbors are geologically associated.

1. Eyjafjallajokull

#1 of Volcanoes In Iceland

Following its 2010 eruption, Eyjafjallajökull shot to worldwide fame as a result of disruption and chaos it wreaked on air journey in Europe for near every week. The dramatic plumes of smoke and clouds of ash that billowed into the air marked the volcano’s strongest and damaging eruption since 1823.

Considered dormant since then, Eyjafjallajökull lies simply to the west of Katla, fully lined by a shining ice-cap. The stratovolcano’s crater rim is bordered by three peaks, with the 1,651-metre-high Hamundur being the tallest. Remarkably, the mountain’s south face was once a part of Iceland’s shoreline till the ocean retreated.

As such, its cliffs at the moment are dotted with spectacular waterfalls, essentially the most well-known of which is Skogafoss. With a lot unbelievable surroundings on present and such an explosive latest historical past, Eyjafjallajökull is one in all Iceland’s most wonderful volcanoes.

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