11-year-old Georgia boy mauled by pit bulls offers heartbreaking replace from hospital


Warning: Graphic photos

The 11-year-old Georgia boy who was mauled by a pack of pit bulls whereas utilizing his bike recorded a heartbreaking video from his hospital mattress – saying, “I just want you to know I’m OK.”

Justin Gilstrap suffered devastating accidents on Jan. 6, along with the shortage of an ear and 70% of his scalp, when the three ferocious canine attacked him after a recreation of soccer near Grovetown.

He has undergone a lot of surgical procedures nonetheless stays in good spirits after the harrowing ordeal, WRDW reported.

In the short clip, Justin quietly says: “Hey, everybody. I love y’all. I just want you to know, I’m OK.”

His mom, Ericka Gilstrap, instructed the Augusta Chronicle after the assault that her nephew, Mason Aguilar, 11, heard him screaming and positioned him in a ditch.

Mauling victim Justin Gilstrap
“Hey, everybody. I love y’all. I just want you to know, I’m OK,” Justin Gilstrap said in a video from the hosptial.
GoFundMe / Ericka Gilstrap

“By the time he got to him, he could see the dogs and that’s when he called 911,” she instructed the knowledge outlet. “Justin was alone when it happened and that’s what is so heartbreaking to me. He knew he had to be home by 6 (p.m.) and he wasn’t getting in trouble.”

Justin’s grandmother and a neighbor moreover rushed to the scene, the place she used the bike to shoo the animals away as a result of the boy put up a valiant battle by kicking them, in accordance with the outlet.

His grandmother moreover was bitten inside the forearm all through the chaos.

Mauling victim Justin Gilstrap
Justin Gilstrap, 11, was brutally mauled by three pit bulls whereas utilizing a bike by way of his Grovetown, Georgia, neighborhood.
GoFundMe / Ericka Gilstrap
Mauling victim Justin Gilstrap
Justin misplaced 70% of his scalp after the brutal assault.
Ericka Gilstrap

“She said there was just blood everywhere,” Ericka instructed the Chronicle. “She couldn’t tell where she was bleeding from … but apparently he was bleeding from everywhere because there’s not an inch of his body that is not covered in a cut or bruise.”

She said her son will need psychological counseling after he heals from the bodily wounds.

“I’m hoping he’s not going to have PTSD,” Ericka said. “They did warn me that he probably will need some therapy, just to get him back to where he was. He’s sedated, so I don’t know what he remembers, but one time when he woke up, he had tears coming down his face because he started crying.”

Burt Baker, the pit bulls’ proprietor who has been charged with reckless conduct, instructed cops his canine get pleasure from chasing people on bicycles.  

Ericka said this isn’t the first time the animals had been seen roaming inside the neighborhood.

“They’re always free. They don’t even have a fence in their backyard,” she instructed the Chronicle. “We would catch them in our yard. My dad made a report about the dogs being loose and those are the same dogs that attacked my sister’s Yorkie.”

Baker has admitted he was not dwelling on the time of the assault on Justin, the Chronicle reported.

Burt Baker, the owner of the pit bulls
The canine’ proprietor, Burt Baker, has been charged with reckless conduct.
Columbia County Sheriff
Pit bull
Baker has surrendered seven pit bull terriers and pit bull mixes after the incident.

He surrendered seven pit bull terriers and pit bull mixes after the incident, in accordance with WRDW.

Meanwhile, the Gilstraps created the hashtag #JustinStrong to unfold consciousness in regards to the boy’s ordeal.

“He’s lucky to be alive and it’s because he put up that fight,” his mom instructed the Chronicle. “He’s tougher than me. I don’t think I could have done half of what he did. He never shed a tear in the emergency room. Even in the ambulance, they were bragging about how polite and calm he was.”

11-year-old Georgia boy mauled by pit bulls offers heartbreaking replace from hospital.For More Article Visit Passengernews24

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