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2 Best Day Tours in Bolivia


2 Best Day Tours in Bolivia

An overview of the most popular day tours in Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flats Full Day Tour

Bolivia is known for many things, but none is so surreal, and so magical, as its salt flats. Natural salt flats occur when the ground is covered in salt, as well as other minerals, and create a surface that looks as if it is covered in snow. The blinding white surface makes it difficult to judge distance or depth, setting the scene for some truly remarkable photographs. On a full day tour of the Uyuni Salt Flats, you’ll have the chance to explore this natural wonder as well as some of the top neighboring attractions.

This incredible tour begins at one of the world’s most fascinating train graveyard, a spot where the first locomotives in Bolivia are left, rusting in the elements. It’s an eerie experience, and it makes for fantastic photos. Next, explore the small village of Colchani, where you’ll find many of the salt miners and their workshops. Finally, it is time for the salt flats themselves.

At the Uyuni Salt Flats, you can get a feel for just how enormous this salted expanse truly is. You can also check out the so-called eyes of the salt, where water flies out of holes in the salted ground due to built-up pressure. You’ll get to go into a hotel made entirely of salt, and then dine in a spot called Fish Island, or Inca Huasi, that is located right in the center of the flats. There is even a chance to see petrified coral and set off on a short guided hike through giant cactus and rock formations.

Head to the base of the enormous, striking Volcano Tunupa, and gather your group to take some photographs with the salt flats in the background. As the final treat to a spectacular day, watch the sunset from the Salar of Uyuni before heading back to your hotels in and around Uyuni.

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Death Road Mountain Bike Tour from La Paz

The Bolivian capital city of La Paz is the highest capital in the world, and it offers countless museums and historic attractions that are worth exploring. However, those with adrenaline coursing through their veins might also known that La Paz is surrounded by mountains, and that it is a world-class place for extreme and adventure sports. One of the most incredible and unforgettable ways to get the rush of a lifetime is cycling through the Death Road from La Paz with this amazing bike tour.

From La Paz, meet your expert guides and set off for La Cumbre, which translates to The Summit. Before the epic bike ride begins, take some photos of the lush greenery, the verdant mountains and the low clouds. After all, the downhill descent itself will be too fast, and too exciting, to allow for frequent photographs. Then, it is time to get ready for the ride down Camino de la Muerte, or Death Road. For nearly 65 km (40 miles), you’ll follow your guide downhill on a bicycle, descending nearly 3,6000 meters (12,000 feet) along what is widely known as the most dangerous downhill bike ride in the world.

Keep in mind that you’ll have several opportunities to stop, drink water, refuel and admire the views on your journey. You’ll be filled with adrenaline as you admire steep drop-offs during portions of the ride, not to mention the roaring sounds of waterfalls that you’ll pass.

In less time than you might expect, you’ll arrive by bicycle to the village of Yolosa and the beautiful La Senda Verde Ecotourism Resort. Take some time here to unwind with a warm shower or a few laps in the refreshing swimming pool. Your scenery here includes lush jungle scenery and rescued wildlife. After your effort on the bike, it’s the perfect time to refuel, and a delicious buffet awaits. Your tour ends with options, allowing you to spend the night at La Senda Verde Ecotourism Resort or head back to La Paz.

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