5 Important Facts Regarding The Reginald Kimbro Case


Reginald Kimbro, a sentenced killer, and continuous r*pist, was thought-about as at official fault for killing two ladies in North Texas. Kimbro documented a liable request recently, conceding to the r*pes and murders of Molly Matheson, 22, and Megan Getrum, 36, in April 2017. The supplication affiliation permitted him to steer clear of capital punishment. All points being equal, he was sentenced to life in jail with out really any different of provide.

The decision, in any case, was gotten with judgment, notably from the casualties’ households, who likewise chastised policing neglecting to arraign Kimbro in earlier years, regardless of the method that utterly totally different ladies had documented rape allegations in opposition to him. Besides, even when DNA and fortuitous proof associated him straightforwardly to the killings, it required 5 years to convict him.


The Reginald Kimbro case has made info persistently, and presently Josh Mankiewicz will give an account of the case and his offenses in regards to the 2017 killings on NBC Dateline. The destruction will debut on Friday, September 23, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Keep perusing to go looking out additional in regards to the Kimbro case.

Five elementary angles in Reginald Kimbro’s case 1) Reginald Kimbro has a earlier full of exploitation. Matheson, Molly  r*pist inside the making Molly Matheson has a earlier with Reginald Kimbro. They initially met on the College of Arkansas, the place they dated for a brief interval.

Nonetheless, the two weren’t in correspondence on the hour of the homicide. Tracy Matheson, Molly’s mom, purportedly found her lifeless on the latrine flooring, demonstrating that Kimbro had endeavored to disguise any proof. In any case, he appears to have abandoned elementary bits of proof that finally associated him to the wrongdoing. As per the authority info discharge,

“She [Molly] had been battered and choked, and Kimbro attempted to eradicate proof by washing her in the shower and doing clothing in which he abandoned his clothing.”

2) About seven days inside the wake of killing Molly, he attacked Megan Getrum. As per sources, Reginald Kimbro bodily went after and choked Megan Getrum, a 36-year-old Plano lady, about seven days after Molly Matheson’s demise, whereas examiners have been investigating him.

Getrum was attacked on April 14, 2017, whereas out for a night stroll throughout the Arbor Slopes Nature Save in her area. A couple of days after the actual fact, she was found lifeless in Lake Beam Hubbard. Agents had the selection to connect Kimbro to the wrongdoing utilizing DNA proof, onlooker declaration, and ID. They furthermore purchased him into the Nature Protect parking storage concurrently the casualty was supposedly attacked.

3) Kimbro’s ex acknowledged he appreciated “straying” her. Reginald Kimbro had recently been blamed for s*xual assault and wanted to deal with penalties along with 4 utterly totally different ladies someplace inside the range of 2012 and 2014, pivotal info that was merely uncovered by the thorough examinations relating to the 2017 killings of Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum. Specialists, in any case, didn’t make a official switch in opposition to him at the moment.

At the aim when up to date notion in regards to the 2017 killings broke, utterly totally different ladies ventured forward. Ladies asserted he choked and r*ped all of them by the use of their collaborations. As a matter of reality, thought-about certainly one of his exes acknowledged that he would “choke” her at regardless of stage that that they had s*x. He would then be pushed away by the woman in downside since he had “gone excessively far.”

4) Kimbro supposedly medicated his casualties. The 4 casualties who approached accountable Reginald Kimbro for r*ping them acknowledged he would medication and gag them sooner than bodily attacking them. Before he reached a request accord, the ladies have been likewise in a position to affirm in opposition to him in courtroom docket.

As indicated by Investigator Allenna Bangs:”Reginald Kimbro is a continuing r*pist and killer. He used his attraction and attraction to enchantment ladies, and when that didn’t work, he harmed them. He organized correct out of the assorted circumstances until his forcefulness precipitated Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum’s homicides.”

5) The event of Reginald Kimbro roused Molly Jane’s regulation. Reginald Kimbro’s wrongdoings from 2012 to 2017 launched in regards to the last distinction in two state guidelines associated with rape survivors and knowledge used to go looking out anticipated continuous r*pists and murders.

Molly Jane’s Regulation, which conveys Matheson’s establish and was supported by her folks’ foundation affiliation Undertaking Darling, requires police workplaces to enter the quite a few info proper right into a cross nation info set to help the FBI in determining sequential attackers.

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