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6 Reasons to Take a Galapagos Islands Cruise


6 Reasons to Take a Galapagos Islands Cruise

The Galapagos Islands aren’t usually the first destination that people think of when they consider taking a vacation, but it’s one of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. There’s a little something for everyone there, and more to do than just your traditional vacation for many reasons:

6. Cater To Your Artistic Side

Cater To Your Artistic Sideflickr/Peri Apex

One thing that these tours are known for is its rich history with inspiring art. Many artists, writers, and photographers like to go on land and get inspiration. Whether they’re writing poetry, stories, or just capturing the landscape on canvas or portrait, it’s been a longstanding destination for people looking for a little inspiration.

5. Flexible Itineraries

Flexible Itinerariesflickr/alh1

Visitors to the Galapagos Islands can take cruises where you can take in all the natural wonders while getting flexible schedules that cater to every visitor. You can choose to walk around some of the islands, swim in its beautiful waters, or search for some of the local flora and fauna.

4. Natural Habitats

Natural Habitatsflickr/Scott Ableman

You can go through and view the natural habitats of creatures that are millions of years old and see the way many creatures have lived for millions of years. One of these vacations isn’t just about the history and visitors can also partake in a wide range of activities that will both inform and entertain.

3. Intimate Educational Experiences

Intimate Educational Experiencesflickr/Family O’Abé

When you take one of these Galapagos tours, vacationers are able to participate in very small groups and are paired up with a naturalist guide. This person is there to explain all of the amazing geology and history of the islands, and tells visitors all about the ecology of the area that dates back millions of years back when humans were just starting to emerge.

2. Rich History

Rich Historyflickr/Karen E James

It was in 1835 that Darwin caught his first glimpse of the islands, and after publishing his theories on evolution, the Galapagos have been famous ever since. It was much harder to get there in the past, but now luckily people can tour the Galapagos Islands and see the same natural environments that inspired such great works. It’s not just about seeing the landscape, and visitors of all walks of life have been able to partake in interacting with the habitats through many different activities.

1. Remoteness of the Galapagos

#1 of Galapagos Islands Cruiseflickr/Cocoabiscuit

You can’t mention the pristine island chain without mentioning Charles Darwin, who spent much of his time documenting the various species along the island chain. He did so for a reason, and it was because of how remote the islands were from the rest of the world. Here, you’ll get all the luxuries you’d have at home or any other luxury vacation, but with having a bit of distance between you and the rest of the world. It’s not crowded with tons of people, and it’s due to this reason so many people have found its picturesque and relatively untouched landscape amongst the most beautiful in the world.

It’s a fun vacation destination for anyone who wants to take in the beauty of equatorial life but wants to leave the party beaches alone. The Galapagos Islands are an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone wanting to take a journey while relaxing and enjoying the view. Check out one of these Galapagos tours to experience something off the beaten path.