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8 Best Places to Stay in Stockholm


8 Best Places to Stay in Stockholm

Don’t judge a book by its cover or, in this case, a Stockholm hotel by its exterior. Many of the top hotels are located in traditional, centuries old, buildings. On the inside, however, they’re filled with sleek, modern design as befitting a country that gave the world IKEA. No matter when or how they got their start, these amazing hotels are the epitome of luxury; one hotel even serves breakfast in bed around the clock. Some of the best places to stay in Stockholm offer waterfront views while others can be found in quiet neighborhoods. Most have one thing in common, though. They are within walking distance to Stockholm’s fabulous sights.

8. Mornington Hotel

Mornington Hotel

It may be hard to find time to read when you’re staying at the Mornington Hotel Stockholm, located in the city center close to major attractions. But you really should as the hotel is a booklovers paradise. Each of its 221 rooms has its own mini-library with the lobby library having more than 4,000 volumes. The hotel even employs its own librarian. Perhaps you might want to read in the courtyard that includes an herb garden used by the hotel’s kitchen.

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7. Freys Hotel

Freys Hotel

Before Freys opened as a hotel in 1989, it was a horse-drawn carriage company that dates back to the 19th century. One of its horses won a long distance race in 1895, thus resulting in the hotel’s name. A huge portrait of Frey greets you as you enter the hotel. Located on a quiet street near Stockholm’s central station, Freys Hotel features traditional furnishings in browns and gray accented with coffee tables made from travel trunks and statues. Rooms feature more modern décor in light, airy colors.

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6. Hotel Diplomat

Hotel Diplomat

There is something stately and dignified about the Hotel Diplomat. It has a palatial aura, even though this Art Noveau started out as a private residence in the early 1900s. It became a 100-room hotel in 1966. The Hotel Diplomat is one of Stockholm’s most luxurious hotels. Works by famous Spanish painters can be found throughout the hotel. It’s located on the waterfront in an upscale neighborhood within walking distance to Old Town. Some rooms have harbor views.

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5. Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel

Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel

The Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel is geared to business travelers, with its 21 meeting rooms and proximity to the Congress Centre. That doesn’t mean leisure travelers will be left out in the cold in this sleek, modern hotel. They won’t. The Radisson Blu Waterfront is located on the waterfront, within walking distance of the central train station and major attractions. If walking isn’t your thing, the hotel will loan you a bicycle to see Stockholm. The hotel has 414 guest rooms decorated in modern Swedish style.

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4. Motel L

Motel L

If you’re expecting a traditionally decorated hotel room, you’re in for a surprise when you stay at Motel L. It is anything but traditional. It’s more like quirky, beginning with the red hallway carpet decorated with multi-colored pentagons. This quirkiness continues into the rooms with a wall hanging over the bed that features hot pinks, black and white in a unique modern design. One wall in the bathroom features the back of a woman. This budget motel is located in a suburb, but public transportation is nearby.

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3. Grand Hotel Stockholm

Grand Hotel Stockholm

If you’re really into the celebrity scene, you might want to consider staying at the Grand Hotel Stockholm. It’s been catering to celebrities and high-profile guests, such as Nobel Prize laureates, since 1874. The Grand Hotel Stockholm even has a huge suite named for Princess Lilian. The hotel is an imposing edifice that overlooks the Royal Palace and Stockholm’s Old Town. Located in a prime waterfront location – the harbor is just across the street – the Grand Hotel’s Veranda restaurant is world-famous for its smorgasbord.

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2. Hotel Rival

Hotel Rival

If ABBA’s music makes you want to sing and dance, how about staying at the Hotel Rival? This 90-room boutique hotel is owned by a former ABBA musician Benny Andersson. The Swedish premiere of Mamma Mia took place in the hotel’s theatre. Guest rooms have some unique features, including an ABBA Gold album from the ‘70s and a Play Station. The Hotel Rival is located on an island so you can experience Stockholm from a different perspective.

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1. Hotel Skeppsholmen

#1 of Best Places To Stay In Stockholm

Though it’s been a hotel for less than 10 years, the Hotel Skeppsholmen is located in two buildings that date back to 1699, when it housed the Royal Marines. Surrounded by lush green trees, the hotel is located on a quiet island that was once home to the Swedish navy. The waterfront is just a short walk away as is downtown Stockholm via a footbridge. This traditional Swedish building – a historic landmark – may be painted yellow, but the interior is thoroughly modern.

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