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9 Best Day Tours in Argentina


9 Best Day Tours in Argentina

An overview of the most popular day tours in Argentina:

Full Day Tour to Iguazu Falls

For many of the visitors staying in Puerto Iguazu, there is one major attraction on the itinerary: The incredible Iguazu Falls. In order to make the most of this breathtaking natural attraction, a guided tour can be helpful. You’ll experience multiple vantage points, excellent hiking opportunities and the chance to see the waterfalls in a way that few visitors ever have the chance to do.

The full day adventure begins from your hotel in Puerto Iguazu, where you will travel with a professional local guide to the Iguazu Falls. While these falls straddle the border of Argentina and Brazil, and are known by the name of Foz do Iguaçu on the Brazilian side, this tour focuses on the beauty of the Argentinean falls. Climb aboard the Train of the Forest, which will take you to close to the falls themselves and offer some incredible views.

This is the chance for you to tour independently and determine how best to see Iguazu Falls with your free time. For some, a gentle hike with lots of photography opportunities close to the top of the falls is ideal. For others, something more challenging might be desirable. You could, for example, find the overhang known as Devil’s Throat, or Garganta del Diablo. As the river begins its thundering descent, you’ll have magnificent views all the way into Brazil.

Miles of hiking trails beckon, and they are clearly signposted for length as well as difficulty. After you have worked up an appetite, you can fill up at one of the restaurants located in the Iguazu Falls Park. If you opt to dine at a picnic table and continue enjoying the views, don’t be surprised if you are joined by local exotic birds that call the area home. Relax on the journey back to Puerto Iguazu, knowing that the rest is well deserved after a day of exploration.

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Day Trip from El Calafate to Perito Moreno Glacier

El Calafate is known as the gateway to the Los Glaciares National Park, making it the ultimate home base for photographers, those in search of adventure and anyone eager to see some of the most incredible scenery in the world. A day trip to the Perito Moreno Glacier will be the tour of a lifetime for all involved.

Enjoy a pickup right from your hotel, and then start admiring the incredible scenery all around you as you ride from El Calafate to Los Glaciares National Park. Icy peaks loom ahead, and snow-covered islands are like jewels in the distance. When you arrive at the park, it is time to see the glacier known as Perito Moreno up close. A short hike will take up right up to the enormous walls of the glacier, which stand at a staggering 60 meters (200 feet) tall. There are several vantage points, but listen out for the cracking of ice, which signal that a piece of the glacier may be ready to float away at any moment.

Another way to soak up the unparalleled scenery in Los Glacieres National Park is on a one-hour cruise. You’ll see Perito Moreno from a new perspective, and it can help you understand the true enormity of this world-famous glacier. You’ll be floating right alongside icebergs as you approach the glacier, making this an experience you will never forget. The return journey back to El Calafate is another chance to admire the views of the glacier park from your window as you kick back and enjoy the ride, and the tour ends right at your hotel for maximum convenience.

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Day Trip from El Calafate to Torres del Paine National Park

If you find yourself in El Calafate, there is good chance you’re there in order to explore the surrounding glaciers and the spectacular scenery. In many respects, the area is considered one of the most remote places in the world, thanks to its southern location on the globe, but it is certainly worth traveling here to experience the Torres del Paine National Park, located right across the border in Chilean Patagonia. This day trip is a full, 14-hour day tour that offers the best views and the top attractions within the park.

From your El Calafate hotel, you’ll begin the tour in a four-wheel-drive bus equipped to handle the terrain. As you drive, look out the window to spot truly breathtaking sights like views of Lake Sarmiento, Amarga Lagoon and the Cordillera Paine Mountains. At several points, the bus will stop, allowing you a quick chance to soak in the views fully and take photos of particularly dramatic landscapes. Eventually, you will cross over the border to Chile, and there will be a brief stop at customs. Then, it is on to the Torres del Paine National Park. Along the way enjoy a boxed lunch including a sandwich, fruit, salad and a beverage.

For approximately four hours, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the magnificent national park. Within Torres del Paine, there are more landmarks than you could possibly see in a single day. However, this guided tour seeks to hit the highlights, which will include Lake Pehoe, the incredible Grey Glacier that towers over Grey Lake and the Paine River.

You can even set off on a brief hike to see the Salto Grande Waterfall in its full glory. After a comprehensive tour of the park, it’s back on the bus for a scenic four-hour journey to the various hotels in El Calafate.

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Day Trip from Buenos Aires to Tigre Delta

Just a short distance from the vibrant city of Buenos Aires is the Tigre Delta, a beautiful destination that feels worlds away from the capital of Argentina. Visiting the Tigre Delta is a chance to get a glimpse at local life, admiring the unusual and diverse architecture, and see some of the region’s impressive museums.

Getting to the town of Tigre is half of the fun! From Buenos Aires, you will have the chance to board a boat for a scenic cruise until you arrive in Tigre. Along the way, you’ll get an incredible lesson on local navigation, helping to spot coastal landmarks while sailing through the Costanera Navigation Canal. As the passages of water get narrower, you’ll know that you’re approaching Tigre. The houses along the river will also begin to change, and you may start to see the traditional stilt houses that are designed to withstand potential flooding and rising tides.

Upon arrival at Tigre, your method of transport will change from boat to bus. Head to the port of Puerto de Frutos, and spend some time exploring on your own. It will be about midday, making it the perfect time to enjoy a local meal at a waterfront restaurant. The port is also home to a number of excellent museums, and you may enjoy touring the Naval Museum, the Mate Museum or the Tigre Art Museum, all of which offer insight into the local culture, heritage and industry. Don’t leave without strolling along the Paseo Victoria, where all of the grandest Victorian homes are located. This is where former Argentine President Domingo Sarmiento himself resided in the 19th century, when settlement was encouraged in the area. Switch up the day’s transport yet again by leaving via train, and settle in for a one-hour journey that takes you right back to the Retiro train station in the heart of Buenos Aires.

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Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tour

As the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a vibrant, exciting city. Whether you’re short on time to explore the city, or you want a brief expert introduction before you dive in on your own, a three-hour sightseeing tour can be the perfect way to begin your time in the capital city.

This tour begins as you board the comfortable coach from your hotel in Buenos Aires. Your guide is a local expert who can share insider cultural knowledge as well as historic facts about the many attractions along the way. The sightseeing commences in the Retiro district, which is home to some of the most upscale shops and homes in the city. Pass the Plaza de Mayo, the city’s political hub, and then stop for photos at Casa Rosada, the very pink home of the Argentinian president. Nearby, admire iconic landmarks like the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, the impressive facade of the 19th century Teatro Colón, which is perhaps the most famous opera house on the entire planet, and the Plaza de Republica.

Your coach will continue through some of the most interesting neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. See places like Puerto Madero, and disembark in the traditionally Italian neighborhood of La Boca to stroll along the pedestrian Caminito to shop for local art and souvenirs. Then you’ll drive through Palermo, and see the major attractions of the Buenos Aires Zoo and Planetarium.

If you love architecture and impressive mansions, then you will definitely enjoy the drive through the incredible homes in the Recoleta neighborhood. This neighborhood is also home to the Recoleta Cemetery, a beautiful cemetery that is also the final resting place of notables like former First Lady of Argentina Eva Peron, Isabel Walewski Colonna, who is the grandchild of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Guillermo Brown, who founded the Argentine Navy. The final destination of this whirlwind tour is the Galerias Pacifico, where you can disembark and shop on your own independently. This is where the tour concludes, allowing you to explore at your leisure.

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Day Trip from Bariloche to Cerro Tronador

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a nature lover or an amateur photographer, a day trip from Bariloche to Cerro Tronador will be the trip of a lifetime. Departing from Bariloche in Argentina, this tour will take you to glaciers, mountains and unparalleled, pristine scenic beauty that you simply can’t find anywhere else on Earth.

Your pickup for the tour can be right at your Bariloche hotel, a convenient way to begin the day. From there, set off in an air-conditioned bus to the first stop of Lake Gutierrez. Along the way, you’ll be treated to views of the Melgarejo and Pilmayen Creeks as well as the Pampo de Huenuleo. At the edge of the lake, go for a quick walk on the private grounds, snapping effortlessly perfect pictures as you stroll. Next, it’s back onto the bus, crossing the Manso River and arriving at Pampa Linda. Pampa Linda is the home base for serious hikers, and it lies right at the base of the breathtaking Cerro Tronador. Dine on an inexpensive and authentic Argentinian meal in the shadow of this magnificent snow-capped volcanic peak.

Back on the bus, your guide will provide excellent commentary as you pass through stunning landscape. You will pass through the Vuriloches Valley, which is filled with lush trees, and approach the glacier called Ventisquero Negro, or Black Snowdrift.

After this stop, it’s the main attraction: Cerro Tronador. As the tallest peak in the district, the mountain got its name from the seven glaciers found within it, and the awe-inspiring and thunderous sound that they make when chunks of ice fall. You’ll be treated to a visit to the three main peaks of Cerro Tronador, which are Pico Chileno, Pico Argentino and Pico Internacional. This is also when you’ll have a short hiking opportunity and the chance to see some of the glaciers up close. The return journey by bus concludes this fantastic tour.

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Day Trip from Buenos Aires to Estancia Santa Susana

A tremendous part of Argentina’s culture relates to cowboys, horses and the gaucho lifestyle. In Buenos Aires, however, that side of the culture is sometimes hard to recognize. The best way to see the true heritage of Argentina is with a day trip from Buenos Aires to the Estancia Santa Susana Ranch. Ride horses, survey the ranch and appreciate country life in the region.

The gaucho adventure begins in Buenos Aires, where an air-conditioned bus awaits to take you through the scenic plains and to the Estancia Santa Susana Ranch in Los Cardeles. When you arrive, you’ll be treated to a glass of local wine and a warm empanada. Snacks in hand, you’ll stroll along the grounds of the ranch on a guided tour. Spot the chapel and the museum, learn about the history of the ranch estate and meet some of the skilled horse wranglers and riders, known as gauchos.

If you’re ready for adventure, hop on a horse and see the ranch from this unique perspective. Alternatively, get out your camera and snap pictures from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage. After your riding tour of the ranch property, it will be time to dig into a true Argentinean feast. The dining table will be set with parrillada, an array of grilled meats, along with pastries, wines, countless side dishes and the local specialty of yerba mate tea. As you dine, your other senses will also be in overdrive watching the spectacular show put on just for your group. Expect folk music, dancing and incredible feats of skill from the gauchos that includes stunts on horseback and animal herding. The return journey takes you back to a central location in Buenos Aires.

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Day Tour from Ushuaia to Tierra del Fuego National Park

Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet, and it is a wonderful destination in its own right. However, there is no question that many visitors go to Ushuaia specifically to have access to the incredible Tierra del Fuego National Park. On this day tour, you’ll be able to get active on a small-group tour that hits the highlights of this unparalleled destination.

In Ushuaia, you’ll join up with the other participants in your small group tour, and you’ll meet your outdoor adventure expert guide. Together, you’ll travel to Bahia Ensenada, or Ensenada Bay, to begin the day’s thrilling adventures. There are two hiking options beginning at the bay, and each group can select the right fit for the day and the conditions. On the Pampa Alta trail, you’ll spend about two hours hiking a scenic three miles, and along the way you’ll admire mountain views. On the Senda Costera trail, the course is slightly longer, and there are opportunities for birdwatching as you hike.

When you get to Lago Roca, or Roca Lake, it will be time to kick back for a bit and enjoy a delicious lunch in spectacular scenery. On the menu is chicken en papillote, a delicious and hearty dish packed with cheese and tomato, a local favorite. Once you’re full, get ready for 90 minutes of canoeing along the Lapataia River. The final destination, where you’ll arrive by canoe, is the Lapataia Bay and Beagle Channel. Spot the countless geese and ducks that call the area home, and admire the views that include mountain peaks and lush green forest in what truly is the end of the world. The unforgettable day ends with a ride back to your hotel in Ushuaia.

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Andes Day Trip from Mendoza

The city of Mendoza is a wonderful destination in Argentina, and a place known for its wine industry. However, Mendoza is also situated among incredible mountain peaks, and the Andes themselves aren’t far away. On this incredible tour, you will see some of the most iconic, impressive natural landmarks in the Mendoza region, and you’ll be accompanied by a local expert guide every step of the way.

After getting picked up from your hotel in Mendoza, you will set off on the Pan-American Highway in a comfortable, air-conditioned bus. As you admire the vineyards out the window, you’ll hear from your tour guide about the region’s history, culture and people. Eventually, the landscape will begin to change, with an increasing number of mountain peaks coming into view. The first stop on the tour is Potrerillos, which is home to the beautiful lake called Embalse de Potrerillos. Thirty minutes further down the road, you’ll arrive at Uspallata, a town with gorgeous alpine views and a range of eateries where you can grab lunch.

Another hour on the bus, and you’ll approach Puente del Inca, a remarkable rock bridge that spans the Vacas River. Here, you can also shop for traditional handicrafts made by the local residents.

Next up, it’s the highest mountain outside of Asia: Aconcagua. The bus will bring you to an amazing overlook where you can learn about this iconic peak and take photographs of it from several viewpoints. The final stop is Pichueta, a location filled with indigenous Huarpe ruins that date back all the way to the fifth century. Then, it’s back on the comfortable bus for a relaxing and undeniably scenic route that winds back to your hotel in Mendoza.

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