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A Suitable Boy Actress Tanya Maniktala Opens Up On Her “Idea Of Love”

A Suitable Boy Actress Tanya Maniktala Opens Up On Her 'Idea Of Love'

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  • Tanya Maniktala shared the details about her past relationships
  • She opened up about her first crush
  • “There’s too much love I have in here,” she wrote

New Delhi:

Actress Tanya Maniktala, who is known for her work in the Netflix series A Suitable Boy, opened up about her “idea of love” in her piece for Humans Of Bombay. In the piece, Tanya Maniktala gave us all the details about her love life starting right from her first crush. Tanya shared that she had her first crush on a “stereotypical bad boy” when she was in 5th grade. “I live in the same neighborhood as I’ve always lived in; we’d go out to play and this group of boys would play football in our park. I was in the 5th grade when I saw this boy there-he was good looking and a stereotypical bad boy. I really liked him,” Tanya wrote. “My best friend realised I was going to the park very often and figured out that I liked him. I was shy-so she’d take me to his house, ring the bell and make up some excuse to see him,” she added.

The actress then recalled how her best friend helped her in approaching her first crush by sending him a friend request on Facebook. “He had FB, so she sent him a friend request from my ID. She’d send messages on my behalf; he once replied, ‘You never come up and talk to me.’ I freaked out-I was too young! But yeah, he was my first and only crush for a while,” she wrote.

Tanya Maniktala also shared that “boys would avoid” her back in her teenage days as she had an elder brother. She shared how “this one guy” approached her through her best friend. “I have an older brother, so boys would avoid me because of that. But this one guy saw me at a friend’s birthday party and asked my best friend if she could get me to talk to him. So the next day, when she told me, I was like, okay; I didn’t think much of it,” Tanya wrote.

She went on to share how she got scolded by her mother for speaking to the guy on the phone in her bathroom. “He asked me, ‘Can we be friends?’ He took my number; we had a landline back then. But I couldn’t have a guy calling me up; if my parents found out, I’d be gone! So when he called, I took the phone to my bathroom and called him back,” Tanya Maniktala wrote. “My mom knew something fishy was happening; she knocked on the door and said, ‘Who are you talking to?’ I replied, ‘Nobody!’ When I came out and told her about the guy, she said, ‘Papa ko batau kya?’ (should I tell your father),” she added.

Tanya recalled how her “love story” ended even before it began because her elder brother asked the guy to stay away from her. “The next day, my older brother tells this guy, ‘Tanya se door rehna! (stay away from Tanya)’ And that was the end of my love story! After that, I stayed away from boys-I didn’t want to get into any more trouble,” she wrote.

Opening up about how movies influenced her as a teenager, Tanya wrote: “I think as a teenager, I was also very influenced by movies-I wanted something wild. But that was not the love meant for me.”

She ended the note by sharing her “idea of love” with us. Tanya shared that the love that she seeks is the “one where you never give up.” Tanya wrote: “The kind of love I seek is one where you never give up. And even though your partner might be having the worst day, they find a smile to give you or a small secret to share with you.” She added: “Someone who feels like I’m going home; I want to have that- & I never give up on the idea of love because there’s too much love I have in here. And someday I want to be able to say, ‘Oh my god, wow.'”

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As mentioned above Tanya Maniktala is known for her work in the show A Suitable Boy. She garnered a lot of appreciation for her role of Lata Mehra. She will next be seen in Netflix’s romantic-drama Feels Like Ishq.