Amputee ‘feels harm’ after netizens doubt her account of discrimination on SIA flight


On a flight with Singapore Airlines (SIA) in January, Isabella Beale, a congenital amputee and never utilizing a left forearm, acknowledged she was left “feeling humiliated”. 

But now, Beale is dealing with a slew of on-line suggestions in regards to the incident, which has left her feeling worse. 

Speaking to Today on Wednesday (March 15), the lady acknowledged she “felt hurt by some of the responses online to [her] story”. 

The 23-year-old Australian was requested by SIA’s cabin crew to maneuver from her seat in an emergency exit row to meetregulatory requirements. 

SIA has since apologised to her for the “distress or embarrassment” introduced on, together with that its staff have been given further purchaser teaching after the grievance.

On Reddit, some netizens accused Beale of being “entitled” and “playing the victim”.


Others appeared dismissive of Beale’s experience by saying she was not discriminated in direction of as a result of the staff had been solely doing their jobs. 


There was moreover one who accused her of exaggeration to “gain sympathy and internet points”. 


Another sided with the flight attendants and questioned why the crew would risk being rude to Beale. 


‘I should be handled with respect’: Beale

“As a disabled woman I often feel like my voice is ignored or ridiculed,” Beale knowledgeable Today.

She emphasised that her grievance was not about whether or not or not she should’ve been allowed to maintain in an emergency seat, addingi: “My complaint is that I deserved to have been treated with respect when the issue arose.”

“I should not have been publicly humiliated and degraded. My disability shouldn’t have been called ‘a problem’ by staff.”

In an Instagram put up on Tuesday, the youthful lady moreover acknowledged that “discrimination and vilification of people with disabilities is humiliating and unjust”. 

“We deserve to be in public spaces. We deserve to travel. We deserve to have our humanity respected.”

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