Bar employees calls out boss for mendacity about $600 medical invoice compensation after getting lower by flying glass


When a bar employees member was hit excessive by a flying glass on Dec 15, her boss promised to “take care of her”.

But a month after the accident, the 21-year-old lady, who tagged Kingz Bar Bistro in Holland Village in her TikTok video, by no means acquired all her a refund after footing the $618.50 medical invoice.

Taking to TikTok on Tuesday (Jan 24), Ryukstan666 shared that she had agreed to “lie to the police” and by no means press bills in opposition to the patron who threw the glass at her.

“I am very nice and stupid,” the part-time bar girl said.

In the social media clip, Ryukstan666 shared how she walked with a “goofy” bandage for weeks after her head was “wrapped like a fruit”.

“My head hurts every time they tell me I still could not wash my hair properly for weeks. It almost meant I could not dance or sweat much.”


Left with $24 in checking account

After making six journeys to the polyclinic in a month, the lady shared that her boss instructed her “not to worry” regarding the medical funds.

“[He] reassured me that he would settle it because I’m their employee and they will take care of me,” she said.

But when her boss allegedly didn’t comply with his promise, Ryukstan666 said that she paid the $618 invoice on Jan 5 after getting back from a visit in Japan.

The lady continued asking her boss for updates after the reimbursement, nonetheless she alleged being instructed “the same sort of lies”.

“At one point, I barely had enough money to eat and had to skip some meals”, Ryukstan666 said, whereas sharing a screenshot of her checking account with the steadiness at merely $24 after paying the medical funds and school-related payments. 

“But it’s okay. I was too stressed and not in the mood to eat anyway.”


‘I did not need to burden anybody’

After being drained with the empty ensures, Ryukstan666 shared that she threatened to lodge a police report, together with that the boss “suddenly was ready to solve it as soon as possible”.

While exhibiting screenshots detailing her textual content material messages alongside along with her boss, the latter allegedly supplied a compensation of $500 and wrote: “You’re making it seem as though it was me who hit you”.

The lady moreover defended her option to share her dialog alongside along with her boss on social media.

“This whole time I was so confused. I didn’t want to cause a commotion or burden anyone, so I never told anyone the whole story and was going through everything alone”, she said, together with that she has not acquired the overall compensation as of Jan 24. 

There was an irony all by way of this complete episode, in step with Ryukstan666, who has however to acquire the overall reimbursement from the accident.

“The guy who threw the glass was the only person who had been showing me empathy and checking in on me,” she said.

‘Boss taking you for a journey’

In the suggestions, netizens urged Ryukstan666 to lodge a police report.

“Don’t be afraid. Just report to the police. Let them settle it,” a netizen said.

Several netizens have been moreover angered by her employer for purportedly benefiting from the lady’s kindness.

“Your boss was definitely taking you for a ride. Don’t let them get into your head with guilt,” a netizen said, whereas one different added that her employer “never cared for her”.


AsiaOne has contacted Ryukstan666 and Kingz Bar Bistro for comment.

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