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Don’t Daydream On The Road Or You’ll End Up Like This Biker


A biker in Thailand was filmed driving straight into a road divider.

A hair-raising video from Thailand shows the moment a distracted rider drove straight into a road divider. The dashcam footage was captured by a car driving behind the bike. Though at first, the clip seems to be taking us nowhere, we are soon stunned by the view of the bike dashing into the concrete partition between the roads. It’s a video you would want to watch multiple times to believe what really happened.

In the clip, the biker appears as a tiny dot in front of the car – one you don’t even notice until about halfway into the video. Rather, when a phone rings, we think something is going to happen around that. But soon we see why the video was posted. 

The biker, who was driving on the left side of the lane, is seen to gradually drift towards the right. When he crosses the dotted white line running down the middle of the road, we assume he simply wants to overtake the vehicle in front of him. But then we hold our breath and watch him drift further towards the right as if he’s being blown away by the wind. As expected, the bike crashes against the concrete road partition that is used to separate lanes. The car from which the video was taken slows down to show the overturned bike and the biker on the road. Fortunately, the biker did not seem to be seriously injured and was seen getting up slowly. The sender of the video wrote, “The motorcycle riding along in front of me became distracted and rode straight into the barrier in the middle of the road.”

Considering the luck that saved him from acute injuries, one person commented on the video, “He’ll have learned a lesson, the easy way.”

Another comment said, “That was funny! Daydreaming!”

We hope the biker chooses a different place to snooze next time.

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