Elden Ring: Best Fists Weapons Ranked & Tier List


Fists are distinctive weapons that folk gained’t ponder to be among the best in Elden Ring, nevertheless they constructive make for some attention-grabbing gameplay. You have most fists that may be utilized with every fingers after which we even have exceptions that may be utilized solely one-handed. This weapon is most interesting used for shut combat. So on this info permit us to check among the best fists in Elden Ring and rank them in a tier document.

Best Fists Weapons in Elden Ring Ranked in a Tier List


best fists weapons tier list for elden ring

Since I’m score them on this document understand that that’s merely my recommendation of among the best fists throughout the recreation. You may uncover your favorite fist in a novel tier. But that’s high-quality, your various of weapon may work properly with the assemble you make the most of. Now, proper right here is the Tier List.

Fist  Tier
Veteran’s Prosthesis S Tier
Grafted Dragon S Tier
Cipher Pata S Tier
Clinging Bone A Tier
Star Fist A Tier
Iron Ball B Tier
Katar B Tier
Spiked Caestus C Tier
Caestus C Tier


Below is a couple of further particulars concerning the S Tier Fists.

Veteran’s Prosthesis – Best Fist Weapon in Elden Ring

This fist permits you to do bodily and lightning hurt to your foes. And you need to use it with every your fingers.


Here are its very important stats.

  • Physical hurt: 83
  • Lightning hurt: 53
  • Critical hurt: 100

You can scale this weapon with Strength and Dexterity. You must have a minimal of this stage in these stats you need to use it.


  • Strength: 15
  • Dexterity: 12

You cannot infuse it with Ashes of War. It has a weapon potential often called Storm Kick It costs 10 FP to utilize.

Grafted Dragon

This is probably going one of many most interesting fist weapons throughout the recreation due to the bodily hurt and hearth hurt it would most likely deal. This is usually a one-handed fist.

Here are its very important stats.

  • Physical hurt: 89
  • Fire hurt: 57
  • Critical hurt: 100

This weapon scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. This is the minimal stage it’s best to have in these stats it’s best to have when you want to wield it efficiently.

  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Faith: 16

It can’t be infused with Ashes of battle. Its weapon potential is Bear Witness! and it makes use of 20 FP. You ought to make use of this potential while you’re attempting to assault a variety of enemies on the equivalent time.

Cipher Pata

This is kind of questionable to be on this document nevertheless this weapon does fantastic holy hurt. Below are its very important stats.

  • Holy hurt: 85
  • Critical hurt: 100

You can scale the Cipher Pata with Faith. In order to utilize Cipher Pata appropriately it’s best to have:

  • Faith: 30

You cannot infuse Cipher Pata with Ashes of War. But it would get a weapon potential known as Unblockable Blade. It costs 25 FP to utilize this potential.

That covers this info on among the best fists in Elden Ring and its Tier List. If you really liked this document, you may additionally benefit from our totally different Tier Lists. And for further help on this recreation strive our Elden Ring half.

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