Elden Ring – Highest Crit Weapons In The Game


Elden Ring has quite a lot of Bosses & Hostile creatures. Some of them are easy to deal with whereas others actually really feel favor it takes an eternity to defeat them. As such, you should have the Best Weapons & Gear. Each type of Weapon on this recreation can perform a Critical hit if the Enemy or Boss is in a weak state due to having their Stance broken, affected by Sleep, backstabbed, or attacking them after Parrying. Critical Damage or Crit is elevated damage utilized to the Foe throughout the talked about conditions. Some weapons have greater Crit Damage potential than others. In this info, I’ll current you the Highest Crit dealing Weapons in Elden Ring.

Which are the Highest Crit Damage Weapons in Elden Ring


highest crit weapons elden ring

In Elden Ring, the Weapons class with the Highest Crit Damage potential is the Daggers Class. All Daggers on this recreation have a minimal of 100 throughout the Crit Stat. Among the complete Daggers, the one which does the Highest Crit Damage is the Misericorde. The Misericorde has a 140 Crit Stat and Scales with E STR & D DEX. While Misericorde has the Highest Crit Damage amongst the complete Weapons in Elden Ring, it’s not that good. But, with barely help, this can be your subsequent New Game+ Weapon or your starting Weapon.

Best Misericorde Build in Elden Ring


Here are the devices you’ll require to make this assemble.

  • Weapon – Misericorde.
  • Ash of War – Flame of the Redmanes (Set Weapon affinity to Flame with the Red-Hot Whetblade).
  • Sacred Seal – Giant’s Seal.
  • Incantations – Flame, Grant Me Strength & Golden Vow.
  • Shields – Iron Roundshield ( With Golden Parry).
  • Talismans – Dagger Talisman, Fire Scorpion Charm, Shard Of Alexander, & Flock’s Canvas Talisman.
  • Armor – Raptor’s Black Feathers Chest Armor.

Try this assemble and it’s doable so that you can to deal an asinine amount of Crit Damage. Parrying an enemy permits you to deal with a Crit Attack. With the above buffs and Talismans, it’s doable so that you can to not less than one or two photos of your enemies. One important part of this assemble is the Flame of the Redmanes. This Ash of War provides an excellent amount of Poise Damage. With just a few hits you’ll be capable of stun an enemy, a Boss will get stunted in 3 to 4 hits. And as of the 1.04 Patch, this Ash of War obtained even stronger. If carried out precisely, it’s doable so that you can to deal spherical 6K Crit Damage.


This was all in regards to the Highest Crit Damaging Weapons in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this info has helped you. You could check our guides like How To See Black Knife Assassin in Elden Ring

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