Elden Ring: What Is Terra Magica And How To Locate


Spells are nothing new to Elden Ring and some are further extremely efficient than others throughout the recreation. With spells, incantations, and expertise that you could be unlock throughout the recreation, players are ready to take motion excess of they could in widespread open-world fantasy video video games. One of in all probability essentially the most extremely efficient ones is the Terra Magica buff spell. This spell might make mages throughout the recreation nearly unstoppable. In this data, we’ll current you simple strategies to search out and get the Terra Magica spell in Elden Ring.

How to Find Terra Magica in Elden Ring


How to Find Terra Magica in Elden Ring

Terra Magica is found by clearing the Academy Crystal Cave that’s under the Academy of Raya Lucaria. This cave may be found near the Crystalline ForestSite of Grace. Now, head East and go alongside the outlines of Raya Lucaria Academy. This spell is sealed by a mist and stone imp gate. This would require you to have the Stonesword Key to open it.

Navigate the cave with a torch or lantern because it might presumably are prone to get darkish. Be cautious as you enter the boss room to fight the two Crystalians. Once you defeat the bosses, take the elevator to the once more of the room and go up the tower. This will lead you to the inaccessible halfof Raya Lucaria. This chest will comprise the Terra Magica buff that you simply simply have been trying to find.


What Does Terra Magica Do?

The Terra Magica spell creates a spherical zone that may improve the magic hurt that any weapon presents. However, that’s solely whereas the particular person of the similar is throughout the zone. It moreover will enhance magic hurt by 35% and lasts for 30 seconds.

Terra Magica Required Stats


  • Requirements: 20 Intelligence
  • Cost: 20 FP, 12 Stamina
  • Memory Slots Used: 1

This was your data on simple strategies to find Terra Magica, what it does, and its stats in Elden Ring. If you most popular this data then check out this data on simple strategies to clear up the Converted Fringe tower puzzle in Elden Ring.

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