Ex-Ground Zero employee calls for Kevin McCarthy ‘man up’ on George Santos


A former growth employee who misplaced his foot whereas working at Ground Zero following 9/11 has known as on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to maneuver in opposition to Long Island Rep. George Santos over his lies that his mother was a sufferer of the 2001 terror atrocity.

“I pray that leadership, that Kevin McCarthy finds that last ounce of dignity and does the right thing,” John Feal suggested CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday evening time. “And I don’t think that will happen.”

“This is about an evil man who maliciously lied, cheated, conned, and didn’t care the trail that he left behind,” Feal added. “And to me, that’s — it’s un-American, it’s unpatriotic.”

Santos, 34, claimed on his advertising marketing campaign website that his mother, Fatima A.C.H. Devolder, was working inside the South Tower of the World Trade Center on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

John Feal appeared on CNN Thursday night.
John Feal appeared on CNN Thursday evening time.

“She survived the tragic events … but she passed away a few years later when she lost her battle to cancer,” the biography said.

Immigration knowledge obtained this week by The Forward, nonetheless, level out that Devolder was in her native Brazil for the whole thing of 2001.

Feal, 56, was a demolition supervisor at Ground Zero inside the days after the assault. His foot was crushed by a steel beam on the placement, and later wanted to be partially amputated.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has yet to move to oust Santos.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has however to maneuver to oust Santos.
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He has since transform an advocate for 9/11 first responders, and labored intently with comedian Jon Stewart to protected federal effectively being funding for employees impacted by the tragedy.

“I probably had about three or 400 text message and e-mails today,” Feal suggested Cooper. “Most of them were from widows. And one thing I learned about 18 years ago in the 9/11 community, you don’t tick off a 9/11 widow … We’re a finite number in the 9/11 community. We’re getting smaller. We lose somebody on average every day, and we’re disrespected.”

“Kevin McCarthy can easily fix this,” he went on. “He can fix this. And if Kevin, if you’re watching and if you’re listening, be a man. Man up. Show the leadership that you were voted in for and do the right thing. This man is leaving a trail of pain behind him, and nobody’s doing anything about it.”

Santos previously claimed that his mother, Fatima A.C.H. Devolder, was a 9/11 survivor.
Santos beforehand claimed that his mother, Fatima A.C.H. Devolder, was a 9/11 survivor.
Santos has been caught in a number of lies in recent years.
Santos has been caught in a variety of lies these days.

Santos’ egregious 9/11 fib is merely the latest of his tall tales to come back again undone. In the earlier a lot of weeks, he has been uncovered for telling bogus tales about his education, expert background, and personal life.

Speaking to The Post on Friday morning, Feal known as Santos a “pathological liar.”

“There is no place in Congress for George Santos,” he insisted. “He needs to be in a mental institution. He is now an international security risk.”

Feal moreover well-known he has acknowledged McCarthy (R-Calif.) for over a decade, and was disenchanted by his lack of movement to this point in opposition to Santos.

“The people of [Santos’] district deserve better,” he said. “It’s not just the 9/11 community [impacted by his lies]– it’s the American people.”

Ex-Ground Zero employee calls for Kevin McCarthy ‘man up’ on George Santos.For More Article Visit Passengernews24

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