How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Steven Hicks? Was Steven Hicks’ Body Ever Found?


While Netflix’s ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘ portrayed serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s grotesque murders, it started with the slaying of Steven Hicks once more in 1978. Incidentally, Jeffrey killed Hicks merely three weeks after his highschool graduation, at a time when his mom and father had been out of metropolis and dwelling with household in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Although Hicks’ murder wasn’t solved until after the serial killer was caught in 1991, the grotesque however meticulous slaying reveals how excessive Jeffrey’s murderous instincts had been at such a youthful age. If you want to perceive how Hicks was killed and if his physique was ever found, now we now have you lined.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Steven Hicks?

At the time of the murder, Steven Hicks was 18 years earlier and had merely graduated from Coventry High School. People who knew him described him as a kindhearted and compassionate specific one that cherished to help others and was always open to creating new buddies. Moreover, he was pretty delicate when it bought right here to violence, and averted hurting others, be it one different human or an animal. Hence, his untimely and shocking dying is troublesome to easily settle for, and Hicks is missed to nowadays.

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In the summer season season of 1978, Jeffrey Dahmer was having enjoyable with life as he had merely graduated from highschool and alongside along with his mom and father out of metropolis, had your complete residence to himself. Hence, whereas driving spherical on June 18, 1978, Jeffrey noticed a hitchhiker standing on the side of a freeway, attempting to get a elevate from a passing vehicle. Without dropping any time, Jeffrey approached the individual, who launched himself as Steven Hicks and claimed that he was on his choice to a reside efficiency at Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio. Realizing that he could also be able to manipulate Hicks merely, Jeffrey tempted the hitchhiker with beer and glad him to get throughout the vehicle and accompany him to the house.

Once at Jeffrey’s residence, he and Hicks began to talk and be all ears to music whereas ingesting beer. Reports declare that Jeffrey may want been sexually involved about Hicks, nonetheless as quickly because the latter started talking about girls, the serial killer knew he didn’t stand a chance. Gradually, Jeffrey’s conduct obtained pretty uncomfortable, and shortly Hicks requested him to drive him to the reside efficiency as promised. However, unwilling to let the person go, Jeffrey bashed Hicks’ head twice with a 10-pound dumbbell from behind, which made the sufferer fall unconscious. The serial killer then proceeded to strangle Hicks to dying sooner than stripping him naked.

Was Steven Hicks’ Body Ever Found?

Unfortunately, Steven Hicks’ physique hasn’t been found to nowadays as Jeffrey meticulously disposed of his stays. After killing Steven Hicks, Jeffrey dragged his sufferer to the basement, the place he dismembered him sooner than slicing his physique up into small gadgets. Subsequently, Jeffrey took the gadgets and buried them in a grave in his yard sooner than persevering with to clean the murder scene of any and every proof. However, Jeffrey nonetheless wasn’t proud of one of the simplest ways he had disposed of the physique, so he dug up the stays quite a few days later and totally separated the flesh from the bones. The flesh was then dissolved in acid whereas he pulverized the bones and threw away the stays in a wooded area near his residence. Moreover, the acid used to dissolve Hicks’ flesh was flushed down the toilet.

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In the years following Hicks’ disappearance and murder, his family employed a personal detective and even helped the police to the simplest of their abilities nonetheless to no avail. Hicks’ stays had been under no circumstances discovered, and Jeffrey was charged alongside along with his murder as quickly as he confessed to it after his arrest in 1991.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Steven Hicks? Was Steven Hicks’ Body Ever Found?.For More Article Visit Passengernews24

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