How To Make An Ender Chest In Minecraft


Minecraft is a singular world-building recreation the place players can do nearly one thing. From slaying dragons to discovering secret Easter eggs, there’s so much to find and uncover on this recreation. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore one, you on a regular basis have one factor to do. But as you go in your quests, you’ll uncover that whereas you’ll have a ton of essential objects, your inventory doesn’t on a regular basis have the home to hold the similar amount. For this trigger, there are numerous sorts of chests which you’ll create to hold the whole extras that you must use shortly. One of these storage areas is the Ender chest inside the recreation. Here is how one can craft and make your particular person ender chest in Minecraft.

How to Craft a Minecraft Ender Chest


How to Craft a Minecraft Ender Chest

An Ender chest is an interdimensional storage system. Once crafted, you probably can retailer each type of issues in it, after which, using one different Ender chest, you probably can entry the similar inventory. This could be pretty useful when travelling to utterly completely different worlds inside the recreation. And so, to craft your particular person ender chest inside the recreation, adjust to these steps:

  • Get Ender Pearls from an Enderman
  • Now, get Blaze Rods from Blazes
  • Make constructive that there’s Obsidian in your inventory
  • From the crafting desk inventory, place one Blaze Rod in the middle of the crafting desk
  • This will create Blaze Powder
  • Now, combine the Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder to create the Eye of Ender
  • Now, preserve the Eye of Ender inside the heart and embody it with 8 Obsidian
  • This will now create one Ender Chest


Now, that you just’ve received the system, you probably can create as many Ender chests as you want.

How to Use Ender Chests

While you probably can place Ender Chests anyplace on this planet, you’ll must make use of a silver contact pickaxe to decide on it up. These chests don’t work along with one thing and may’t be pushed by pistons each.


Keep in ideas that regardless of which ender chest you select up, you’ll on a regular basis have the similar inventory. This is true for various Ender chests that completely different players have moreover put down. And so, you’ll be unable to see the inventory of various players even whether or not it’s their chest.

This was your data on the best way to craft and make your particular person Ender chest in Minecraft. If you found this data useful, do that one on the best way to tame an Allay.

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