Leo Sayer Illness: What Disease Does Leo Sayer Have?


The music “Giving It All Away,” which gave Roger Daltrey of the Who their first solo hit in 1973, was co-written by Sayer and David Courtney when he first started writing songs. Under the steering of Adam Faith, Sayer started his occupation as a recording artist that exact same yr. Faith signed Sayer to the Warner Bros. Records and Chrysalis labels, respectively, throughout the UK and the US.

His first single, “Why Is Everyone Going Home,” didn’t do successfully on the charts, nevertheless Sayer’s effectivity of “The Show Must Go On,” a music hall-style music, on British television whereas dressed as a pierrot, helped him get nationwide recognition throughout the UK. Both the one and his debut album, Silverbird, which he co-wrote with David Courtney and Adam Faith co-produced, peaked at No. 2 on the UK singles guidelines.

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Leo Sayer Illness: What Disease Does Leo Sayer Have?

Sayer struggles to study. His leg and ankle accidents after a fall off a stage in 1977 are nonetheless having an have an effect on on his life. Both of Sayer’s mom and father and plenty of different family household on both sides handed away from most cancers, and the sickness runs throughout the family.

After having digestive factors, Sayer underwent a colonoscopy on his sixty fifth birthday, which revealed he had intestinal ulcers and a tumor. Following surgical process, he reported that the tumor was benign and that every factors had been satisfactorily resolved.

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