Missing deaf, mute lady present in NYC after dwelling on subways for 3 weeks


The deaf, mute and autistic lady who vanished after getting launched from a Queens hospital on Christmas Eve was found Saturday — and survived by dwelling on the subways for 3 weeks.

Samantha Primus’ sister Ghislaine Primus and two good Samaritans located the missing lady on the Bowling Green station in Lower Manhattan after getting a tip she was utilizing the 1 put together.

“My heart fell, my heart fell,” Ghislaine said at an evening press conference.

Samantha was dehydrated, 10 kilos lighter and had swollen toes, she said.

“She was wearing slippers and a pair of socks in … this cold, and she survived jumping from train to train, looking and hoping that she was going to get home. And we found her,” added Ghislaine and Samantha’s sister, Sophia Primus.

Samantha is now being dealt with at Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, her family said, as they weigh their approved selections in direction of Queens Hospital Center, which they declare prematurely discharged the 46-year-old on a freezing chilly night.

Samantha left her sister Joanna Peck’s Elmont house, the place she was staying for the holidays, early Dec. 23 in an effort to look out her method once more to her mother’s house in Brooklyn.

That evening, a bystander in Queens found Samantha lying on the underside in 18-degree local weather in apparent need of help.

EMS took her to Queens Hospital Center, nevertheless the workers let the deaf and nonverbal lady stroll once more out at 2 a.m. — when temperatures hit a frigid 7 ranges — with nothing nevertheless an inventory of homeless shelters.

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Primus's family at a press conference.
Samantha’s family said

Sophia Primus
Sophia Primus said Samantha had “survived jumping from train to train” in hopes of discovering her method dwelling.

Ghislaine Primus
Ghislaine Primus was the one to look out her sister in Manhattan Saturday.

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein holds presser outside Methodist Hospital in Park Slope Brooklyn.
The family is now pursuing approved movement in direction of the city hospital.

Methodist hospital in Park Slope Brooklyn where Samantha Primus is being currently treated.
Methodist hospital in Park Slope the place Samantha is being presently dealt with.


“If they had done their duty, my sister would not have gone through these horrendous three weeks in the cold. An apology will never be enough. We wonder what hearts and heads work at this hospital,” Sophia said, together with her sister arrived on the hospital with no identification.

The family is now pursuing approved movement in direction of the hospital, claiming the hospital uncared for to take the right care in discharging the disabled lady.

“If the Nassau County police report is accurate, then clearly this hospital was not only negligent but heartless, and appropriate legal action will be instituted,” the family’s lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, said. “The city has to be held accountable for the actions of those who work for them in their hospitals.”

Samantha Primus
Samantha is deaf, nonverbal and on the autism spectrum.
Courtesy of the Primus family

Samantha’s family has spent the ultimate three weeks at all times looking for her, paying additional shut consideration to the trains as most tipsters reported seeing her utilizing the rails.

In spite of that, no legislation enforcement officers patrolling the subways bought right here concerned with the woman, said Rev. Kevin McCall of the Crisis Action Center. 

Samantha was launched from the hospital at 2 a.m. Christmas Eve with an inventory of homeless shelters.
Courtesy of the Primus family

“So many police officers are patrolling the subway system but not one police officer found her. They were right there,” McCall said.

Missing deaf, mute lady present in NYC after dwelling on subways for 3 weeks.For More Article Visit Passengernews24

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