MultiVersus: KBI Tutorial Not Working Fix


MultiVersus is a fulfilling action-platform on-line recreation that features a roster of iconic characters and further creating ultimately. These characters embrace Batman, Arya Stark, Shaggy, and further characters. But as its hype retains on rising, there are some bugs and factors inside this platformer sport. One of these factors consists of the Knockback Influence (KBI) tutorial. Even after limitless tries avid gamers are unable to complete this tutorial. Not to stress, proper right here’s our info on strategies to restore the KBI tutorial not working issue in MultiVersus.

How to Fix KBI Tutorial Not Working in MultiVersus


Knockback Influence or KBI Tutorial is among the many final in-game tutorials inside the sport. This tutorial guides avid gamers on not getting knockedaway from the world or platform. Players are pitted in opposition to Wonder Woman as they play Wonder Woman. But as avid gamers get on with the tutorial and observe the entire instructions, they’re getting frequently rung out by the Princess of Amazon. That’s as a consequence of some stability changes inside the most modern exchange which have drastically elevated her shield-bash assault to 100.

There is a workaround or exploit for ending this tutorial. So, proper right here’s strategies to restore the KBI tutorial for Console Players:

Xbox & PlayStation Players


Follow these steps:

  • Keep on following the instructions as confirmed inside the tutorial.
  • When Wonder Woman makes use of the Shield-Bash assault, preserve the Analog-stick inside the bottom-left path.
  • As you preserve it down, hit the PS button or the Guide (Xbox) button.
  • But it’s important time and execute this workaround correct.
multiversus kbi tutorial not working fix
Image Source – Tarkin on YouTube.


  • You need to do this when Wonder Woman’s Shield-Bash animation is halfwayby.
  • As shortly as you see white sparkles from her defend, preserve the analog stick and hit the dwelling show display screenbutton instantly.

This will hopefully full the tutorial and restore your issue.

PC Players (Steam)


  • Similar to console avid gamers, PC avid gamers can full the KBI tutorial with ease.
  • All it’s important do is hit the left directional key and Alt + Tab keys.
  • But be sure that to execute this exploit when Wonder Woman’s animation is halfway accomplished.

Although if the above workarounds didn’t restore the issue, we advise prepared for an exchange or patch by the devs.

That’s all of the items lined on strategies to restore the KBI tutorial not working issue in MultiVersus. If you most well-liked this info, strive our totally different guides on strategies to equip a model new ring out, strategies to alter workforce shade, and further MultiVersus Guides correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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