Payday 2: How To Mark Enemies


Having intel is probably going one of many important points in Payday 2, and thus it’s a very good conduct to mark your enemies. Highlighting enemies would possibly enable you to and your teammates know their location. This would possibly assist alert your workforce and help them cowl from the guards. But it could be a bit difficult how one can purpose them and it’s doable you’ll assume you need some explicit expertise for it. Don’t worry, on this data you’ll be capable of be taught to highlight enemies in Payday 2.

How to Mark Enemies in Payday 2


payday 2 how to mark enemies
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You can Mark enemies on this recreation by pressing the Shout or Interact button. This will highlight the enemies by exhibiting their silhouette to you and your teammates. In order to mark them press the following button:

  • PC: Press the F key in your keyboard.
  • Xbox: Press the RB button in your controller.
  • PS4: Press the R1 button in your controller.
  • Nintendo Switch: Press the R button in your Switch Pro controller or on the Joy-con.


You cannot mark every enemy inside the recreation. The perform to give attention to is just related to explicit enemies and security cameras. These explicit enemies embrace:

  • Bulldozer
  • Captain Winters
  • Cloaker
  • Medic
  • SWAT Van Turret
  • Shield
  • Sniper
  • Taser

If you want to improve how marking enemies impacts your gameplay, it’s finest to get the High Value Target expertise. You can uncover it under the Silent Killer a part of the Ghost Skill tree. This is what it does:


  • High Value Target
    • Base mannequin: Enemies that you just simply mark will take 15% further damage.
    • Ace mannequin: Marked enemies take 50% further damage when 10 meters away. It moreover doubles the interval for a manner prolonged they’ll hold marked. And lastly, you’ll be capable of highlight them by aiming with any weapon of your choice.

That covers each factor you must do to Highlight enemies in Payday 2. Since you need having fun with this recreation yow will uncover our guides useful on how one can unlock the jacket character pack, get c4, and enhance your safehouse for Payday 2.

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