Sniper Elite 5 Kar98k: How To Unlock & Get It


Sniper Elite 5 has a plethora of Snipers, SMGs and Pistols that you simply’ll unlock all by means of the game. In your quest to uncover and destroy the important thing Nazi enterprise ‘Project Kraken’, these weapons shall be of good use as you progress to fully totally different Missions throughout the recreation. Kar98k or the Karabiner 98 is a sort of Sniper Rifle that you simply’ll unlock. Let’s check out how one can unlock and get Kar98k in Sniper Elite 5.

How to Get Kar98k in Sniper Elite 5



Get Kar98k Sniper Elite 5

Friedrich Kummler is a part of Mission 2 kill file and you could unlock Kar98k by killing him. He has been stealing priceless French antiquities and fencing them in Paris to line his pockets. Kar98k shall be unlocked offered that you simply kill him by dropping the Chandelier on prime of him.

How to Find Friedrich Kummler


Here’s how yow will uncover Friedrich Kummler –

  • Enter the Occupied Residence space by the Chateau Interior.
  • Take a left and switch earlier the buzzing German Infantry quietly.
  • Climb up the vinery and head to the roof of the Chateau Estate.
  • Take a left as you attain the roof and protect strolling quietly. You will hear the German Infantry talking.
  • There shall be an entrance straight on which leads inside.
  • Take the doorway and take a correct to go down the steps.
  • As you get proper all the way down to the first floor endure the doorways in entrance of you of what looks as if a bar.
  • You can have reached the first floor of the Ballroom and may uncover the Chandelier on the ceiling.
  • Friedrich shall be on the bottom beneath you speaking.
  • Move to the right and also you’ll uncover the selection to ‘Sabotage Chandelier’.
  • Watch the scene unfold beneath and anticipate Friedrich to come back again beneath the Chandelier after which Sabotage it.

Friedrich shall be ineffective and also you’ll have unlocked the Kar98k Sniper Rifle. Don’t keep standing there get out sooner than the other guards uncover you.


If you technique this mission from the other aspect you could anticipate the scene to unfold then shoot down the Chandelier after which go all weapons blazing on the rest of the guards.

That’s all on how one can unlock and get Kar98k in Sniper Elite 5. While you is likely to be proper right here, check out how one can use a rat bomb, how one can destroy tanks and totally different guides, ideas and strategies on Gamer Tweak.

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