V Rising: Matka The Curse Weaver Location & How To Beat It


Many players are concerned in understanding the state of affairs of Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising to beat it. The motive I counsel it’s best to proceed trying to find him is its power Unstable Mosquito. You moreover get two recipes from it. Thus for those who occur to desire to bug your foes this boss shouldn’t be one to miss. That pun may very well be unhealthy nonetheless it’s best to benefit from this battle for those who occur to love an issue or sturdy boss battles. So permit us to quickly research the state of affairs of Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising and the easiest way to beat it.

Matka the Curse Weaver Location in V Rising


how to beat matka the curse weaver in v rising

You can uncover the state of affairs of Matka the Curse Weaver on the northwestern fringe of Cursed Forest. The area the place you uncover it’s often called the “Nest of the Curse Weaver”. Here is how one can discover it.

  1. Walk as a lot because the Blood Altar in your Castle.
  2. Interact with it and seek for Matka the Curse Weaver.
  3. Select it and start monitoring its Blood by pressing the home key in your keyboard or clicking on the Track Blood button.
  4. Once you start following the paths it’s best to lastly attain the Nest of the Curse Weaver inside the Cursed Forest and also you’ll discover it there.


Thanks to Map Genie for his or her interactive map.

Now that you just’ve found it, that’s how one can slay it.

How to Beat Matka the Curse Weaver


You can defeat Matka the Curse Weaver by attacking it and bringing its properly being to 0. Once you totally deplete its properly being chances are you’ll extract its blood to realize its powers. This V Blood is of stage 72 so it’s extraordinarily useful you stage up your character to be wherever near stage 72 or above it. During the battle it makes use of the following strikes that attempt to take heed to:

  • Musquito Summon:It summons two musquitos which will be gradual whereas flying nonetheless do a contact assault. You can counter them by eliminating them sooner than they get to assault. Alternatively, you may too dash out of the best way during which to dodge their dash assault.
  • Exploding ground:It casts a spell-like functionality that causes the underside to erupt with inexperienced vitality. You can dodge this assault by getting out of the assault radius of this switch. This switch doesn’t take impression immediately nonetheless you’ll first see a inexperienced circle on the underside. Get out of it the second you see it. You additionally must be on the switch on account of Matka the Curse Weaver gained’t stop at just one assault.
  • Energy Vollies:Matka will shoot 7 vitality balls from its staff. These balls unfold out and cover fluctuate. You can dodge this assault by transferring inside the home of two vitality balls.
  • Homing Energy Attack:It will use its staff and set off an vitality assault to adjust to you from underground. You can run away from it in order to dodge it. If this assault connects it causes a variety of Exploding Ground assaults.
  • 4 Homing Energy Attack:This is an identical as a result of the Homing Energy assault. The distinction is it could possibly launch this assault in 4 completely totally different directions on the an identical time. Avoiding this switch isn’t exactly simple on account of there isn’t any such factor as a selected trick to it. You have to be quick and on the switch to steer clear of getting hit by any of the 4 energies.
  • Musquito Explode:The musquitos it spawned earlier will try and assault the participant by exploding near them. This switch has fluctuate safety so that you’ll wish to get out of it to steer clear of getting inside the blast zone.

These are all the strikes that attempt to take heed to for this battle. The further you deplete its properly being the additional musquitos it begins to spawn. So chances are you’ll anticipate this battle to be sturdy.


That covers this info on the state of affairs of Matka the Curse Weaver and the easiest way to defeat it in V Rising. In case you want help with some earlier boss fights it’s best to confirm our guides on the easiest way to beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess, Raziel the Shepherd, Keely the Frost Archer, Vincent the Frostbringer, and additional.

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