V Rising Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations


V Rising has a whole bunch of belongings that you’ll want to farm throughout the recreation. One of which is sunflower seeds. These seeds are vital to establishing your particular person mighty vampire empire as you craft and enhance objects. The question that’s nonetheless is how do you get Sunflower Seeds in V Rising? And when you uncover them, how will you farm successfully? This info will reply all of it for you.

How to Find Sunflower Seeds Locations in V Rising


Cotton Farms Dunley Farmlands

You can farm in all probability essentially the most sunflower seeds throughout the Dunley Farmlands when participating in V Rising. From proper right here, go to the Cotton Farms. As it’s the best place to get the seeds from.

V Rising: Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations


Another method to get these seeds is through Berk the Travelling Trader. You can merely buy the similar from him for 45 Silver money. And in the event you want to uncover Berk, merely go to Dawnbreak Village. This village is positioned near Dunley Farmlands and so, it shouldn’t be too troublesome to hunt out.

How to Farm the Seeds throughout the Game

Instead of going backwards and forwards from the Farmlands, chances are you’ll farm your particular person sunflower seeds in your fortress grounds. While the pastures of the Farmlands would possibly maintain your vampire match, it completely isn’t always safe.


To guarantee that your Most worthy belongings are always a stone’s throw away, proper right here is how one can farm sunflower seeds in V Rising:

  • Go to Production
  • Click on Fundamentals
  • Access the Border software program by the use of the Build menu
  • Now, mark an house of your grounds with a border
  • Drag the sunflower seeds into the Action Bar
  • Select the seeds and plant them anyplace all through the marked house
  • Now, wait for only a few in-game days

You should now have your belongings ready for harvesting!


This was how one can uncover the right areas of sunflower seeds in V Rising. As properly as how one can farm them successfully throughout the recreation.

Now that you simply’ve received the first helpful useful resource, why don’t you use it in a recipe? Check out this info on how one can get and craft Imperial Thread in V Rising to do the similar.

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