V Rising Wilfred the Werewolf Chief Location & How To Beat


Bosses in V Rising current treasured V blood that grants you good recipes and powers. These will definitely get you to be loads stronger than you might have been or presently are inside the recreation. In this data, we’ll current you the state of affairs of Wilfred the Werewolf chief, and learn the way to beat him in V Rising.

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V Rising Wilfred the Werewolf Chief Boss Guide

Location of Wilfred the Werewolf Chief & How to Beat Him in V Rising

Before you go to battle Wilfred, simply ensure you might have fulfilled these requirements:


Since he’s a Level 64 boss, it’s strongly really helpful that your Gear Level can be at 64 or higher. To buff up your gear, use the Iron Gear along with the subsequent:

  • Iron Crossbow for long-ranged hurt
  • Veil of Chaos potential to flee his assaults shortly along with distract him
  • Ward of the Damned potential to dam heavy assaults
  • Chaos Volley potential to deal long-ranged hurt
  • Volatile Arachnid potential in order that you would deal additional hurt to the boss

Once you might have all of these, proper right here is how you’ll uncover and defeat Wilfred the Werewolf Chief


Where to Find Wilfred the Werewolf Chief (Location)

Gloomgrave Village
Map credit score rating: Map Genie

Wilfred the Werewolf shall be found inside the Gloomgrave Village. This is a spot located inside the Northeastern part of Dunley Farmlands. If you progress in the route of the northern part of the village, you’ll discover the boss spawn someplace close to a small house.


But sooner than you get to him, you’ll come all through a bunch of werewolves that that you must defeat sooner than him. I indicate, you might always maintain them for later nonetheless which may merely make your battle inconceivable to win.

And so, it’s strongly useful that you just simply ensure you battle them all through the day in order that you would save Wilfred the Werewolf Chief for the night in V Rising

How to Beat Wilfred the Werewolf

To be honest, this is usually a pretty robust boss to beat since he has a great deal of HP apart from being super fast.

On prime of this, it’s important to simply ensure you don’t stretch your battle to daybreak. As shortly as a result of the photo voltaic comes up, he turns into human and also you’ll’t collect any V blood from him.
And so, when combating him, try your biggest to lure Wilfred the Werewolf into the house as it will confine him and his assaults from coming in the means wherein. This will help shorten the battle and maintain it in your favor.

Wilfred’s Skills

To maintain you equipped, listed beneath are Wilfred’s skills in V Rising:

  • Invisibility for only a few seconds (sooner than he assaults from behind)
  • Ability to summon individuals

While the earlier is simple adequate to know, try to be acutely aware that the second is definitely annoying. Having individuals working spherical all over the place as you try to battle the boss is one issue. But having them heal him as they arrive in the means wherein of your battle is one different. For these of you that have to win, you’ll need to each assault him as he devours individuals to heal himself up. Or, you might kill the individuals sooner than he can get to them and heal. The latter of the 2 is hottest as a result of the battle merely turns into loads less complicated.

Apart from these, he has the subsequent boss assault:

Ability to buff himself up at any degree inside the battle with which he’ll do each of the subsequent:

  • Attack you collectively along with his palms
  • Head butt you only a few cases

Either means, it’s slightly painful and also you’ll wish to stay away from it the least bit costs.

To defeat him, it’s important to simply ensure you watch what he does, dodge, and make alternate options to assault in return. Winning rewards you handsomely with the Heart Strike Power along with the Holy Resistance Flask recipe.

Good luck in your quest to defeat Wilfred the Werewolf Chief in V Rising. If you found this textual content helpful then check out this one on learn the way to get and use jail cells in V Rising.

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