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Watch: Rescuers Use Helicopter To Airlift Horse Trapped In Debris

Watch: Rescuers Use Helicopter To Airlift Horse Trapped In Debris

A horse in California had to be airlifted with a helicopter after becoming stuck.

Using a helicopter, US fire department officials performed “one of the most technical horse rescues” to save the animal that was wedged upside down between pieces of concrete and exposed rebar. The incident happened in Orange County in California. The horse and its rider were on a trail when the animal got “spooked” and fled. The rider had dismounted safely before the horse ran away. Later, it was found stuck in a pit surrounded by large concrete pieces. Several officials, including vets, reached the site and sedated the horse before starting the rescue operation.

A video shared by the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) on Twitter showed rescue officials working with iron tools like spades and rods to clear the debris and rescue the horse “wedged between pieces of jagged concrete”.

The OCFA added, “With the horse sedated by the vets on scene, the technical rescue firefighters rigged an alternative rope and webbing system to secure the horse for its helicopter hoist out of the concrete overhang.”

The “technical” operation required the helicopter crew to be very precise while lifting the horse, “not just vertically but, also, horizontally in the only direction that would free the horse from the concrete without injuring it”.

“Crews were happy to see the horse they worked so diligently to rescue get up and walk on its own to the horse transport to seek further medical evaluation,” the fire department said in another tweet.

Twitter users are showering praise on the OCFA for rescuing the horse and also showing diligence in their effort.

One user praised the officials for acting swiftly in an “incredibly challenging situation”.

Another user said the officials did “awesome work” and thanked them for everything they do for animals as well as people.

Sarah Booth, another user, thanked the officials for the rescue and added “incredibly challenging situation but you all worked smart and swiftly”.

When a Twitter user thanked the OCFA, the agency also replied.

The horse is currently recuperating at a hospital.

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