Where To Find Eternal Darkness Spell In Elden Ring


Intrigued upon the study of Sorcery, fellow Tarnished? Here’s a spell that negates the entire incoming magic spells (in addition to Dragon-Breath) in Elden Ring. Eternal Darkness is a type of sorcery spell that provides with intelligence attributes. Similar to a black hole, Eternal darkness creates an space that nullifies and attracts hurt by targeted enemies. This sorcery spell might be pretty helpful all through PvP matches. So, proper right here’s our data on the place to go looking out the Eternal Darkness spell in Elden Ring.

Where to Find the Eternal Darkness Spell in Elden Ring?


You can uncover the Eternal Darkness spell inside the jail of the Swamp Lookout Tower in Caelid. Follow the talked about beneath steps to achieve the position:

  • As it’s forbidden sorcery in Sellia, you’ll need to head over to the metropolis of Sellia in Caelid.
  • Upon reaching Caelid, head inside the northeast course within the route of the upper hills of Sellia.
  • On your means, you’ll encounter the Sellia Under-Stair, the situation of Grace. You can rest and save your location over there.
  • From there, you’ll need to head over in a southeast course.
  • As you arrive on the Church of Plague, you’ll be able to start with Millicent’s questline.
  • Now, we now have to get down the hills and cross through the Sellia gateway.
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  • Then, upon exiting the gateway you’ll uncover fortress ruins all through. Proceed within the route of a broken structured establishing.
  • You should fight in the direction of the Bloodhound Darriwil guarding the jail.
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  • After you defeat him, head contained within the jail of Swamp Lookout tower.
  • You will uncover the Eternal Darkness sorcery spell near a corpse.
  • It is among the many Night sorceries and consumes 15 Stamina. Eternal Darkness spell has an FP worth of 25 and consumes 35 Intelligence attributes.


That’s all on the place to go looking out the Eternal Darkness spell in Elden Ring. If you favored this data, attempt our completely different guides on learn how to make magic spells stronger, the easiest Sacred seals, and learn how to get and use Dragon breath in Elden Ring correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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