Where was HBO Max’s Holiday Harmony Filmed?


Directed by Sean Paul Piccinino, HBO Max’s ‘Holiday Harmony’ is a romantic comedy that revolves spherical a singer who lives in her van and aspires to be heard on iHeartRadio in Los Angeles. Gail, a singer/songwriter, wins a chance to compete for a once-in-a-lifetime different to make it large as she travels cross-country sooner than her automotive breaks down in Harmony Springs, Oklahoma. She follows the advice of the native know-it-all, Jeremy, and takes on a bunch of misfit kids in quest of to play in a Christmas Eve Gala of their very personal with merely two weeks left sooner than the iHeartRadio Christmas Eve effectivity of her objectives.

Gail and Jeremy fall in love with each other; nonetheless, Gail has to make the selection of a lifetime and choose between her lifelong dream or her Jeremy and town she’s grown to love. The romantic narrative is complemented by the spectacular performances from a proficient ensemble and the setting of the fictional Harmony Springs in opposition to the backdrop of snow-filled roads and streets. All of these are positive to make you curious about the exact capturing web sites of the Christmas movie. In that case, allow us to fill you in on all of the small print!

Holiday Harmony Filming Locations

‘Holiday Harmony’ was filmed utterly in California, notably in Petaluma. The principal photos for the romantic comedy commenced in early April 2022 and wrapped up inside 4 weeks on April 29 of the similar month. Now, let’s not waste time and get an in depth account of all the locations the place the holiday movie was shot!  

Petaluma, California 

All the pivotal scenes for ‘Holiday Harmony’ had been lensed in and throughout the producer Ali Afshar’s hometown, Petaluma. Set inside the fictional Oklahoma metropolis of Harmony Springs, Petaluma does an exquisite job of disguising the Oklahoma vibe with its pretty small-town setting. Lauren Swickard, one among many actors and co-writers, commented on the filming location and her emotions in the direction of it. She talked about, “It was my job to make the movie work for us and work for Petaluma, which stands in for Oklahoma, and many other places along the way.”

Lauren added, “I hope to bring all my movies here. It doesn’t matter where the story is set. Petaluma can be the East Coast because the streets can have that East Coast vibe if you shoot them right. We turned parts of it into San Francisco for the last movie. You can find little pockets of Petaluma or Santa Rosa that look like whatever you want. It’s pretty great. It’s miraculous, actually.” The stage scene the place Gail is seen performing whereas Van (Brooke Shields) is recording the effectivity was shot in Petaluma’s Woman’s Club.

Swickard pointed to the Woman’s Club setting up and revealed that they’d utilized the rooms on the Petaluma Veteran’s Hall as a result of the teachings on the college. The exterior of the Club’s setting up was shot because the pores and skin of the elementary college. Producer Afshar’s property on the east facet served as a result of the backdrop for numerous sequences. Swickard recognized, “We used Ali’s barn as a sound stage. We built three different bar locations inside that one barn. When you watch the movie, you’ll see this montage where Gail is on her journey in this very same van, singing in bars from Miami, Florida, to Los Angeles, California.”

He took the sets down and put his cars back inside,” confirmed Swickard, together with that numerous inside items normally aren’t the one means Afshar’s ranch carried out a part inside the making of the film. She revealed, “Our lead character, Jeremy, is building a house for his parents in the movie. We weren’t sure if we were going to find a house that was already halfway built in Petaluma, and finally Ali said, ‘You know, I would like to have a small apartment on my property.’ So, he is actually building a little house on his ranch, and that’s what we’re using for the construction scenes in the film.”

Other scenes of the film had been captured in Petaluma’s The Big Easy and Willow brook Ale House and the fake bars contained within the barn. The backdrop for a scene at a soup kitchen with Swickard portraying the Virgin Mary in a Nativity scene was shot in Hermann Sons Hall on Western Avenue. Other sequences had been filmed inside the metropolis’s streets and at Keller Street CoWork. In an interview with Argus-Courier, director Piccinino was requested in regards to the difficulty of masking Petaluma as Oklahoma. He revealed, “Well, Oklahoma’s pretty flat. And Petaluma is not super flat, I don’t know if you’ve noticed.”

Piccinino added, “So, both offer their own challenges, but downtown Petaluma is so quaint and cute and charming, it just shouts ‘small town,’ and that lends itself really well to playing the part of a small town in almost anywhere in America. I guess we could have filmed in Oklahoma, but this is Ali’s home, and we really like shooting movies here.” Other notable movies and divulges shot in Petaluma are ‘A California Christmas: City Lights,’ ‘Lolita,’ ‘13 Reasons Why,’ ‘Basic Instinct,’ and others. 

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