Who Owns Great Expressions Dental Centers? 


An outstanding smile begins with having good dentition. If you wouldn’t have a transparent mouth with well-arranged tooth, you’re extraordinarily probably to not smile pretty usually.

In this mild, we convey to you this textual content on Great Expressions Dental Centers. Let’s get to know additional about Great Expressions Dental Centers below.

Great Expression is a dental coronary heart that’s said to provide full fairly priced dental suppliers by means of its group of over 2 hundred and sixty-nine (269) affiliated practices.

Great Expressions Dental Center was established some forty (40) years prior to now in 1982. The coronary heart boasts of well-trained and authorized dentists and hygienists amount over 9 hundred (900).

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Each 12 months Great Expressions Dental coronary heart treats over 600 thousand (600,000) victims with numerous dental factors.

Who Owns Great Expressions Dental Centers?

Let’s to why we wrote this textual content inside the first place, thus, to tell you regarding the homeowners of Great Expressions Dental Centers.

Great Expressions Dental Center is now a mannequin beneath Roark Capital Group.

The Roark Capital Group is claimed to be an Atlanta-based private equity company centered on consumer producers and multi-unit firms.

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