‘Why would she present me her boobs’: Woman surprised at masseuse’s behaviour after therapeutic massage at ‘TCM store beneath my Ah ma’s home’


Going to a therapeutic massage parlour typically entails the actual individual getting the therapeutic massage disrobing. But on this situation, it was the masseuse who undressed.

On Jan 21, TikTok individual @chonkycattt_ took to social media to share this uncommon experience of the masseuse displaying off her boobs after the therapeutic massage ended. The two-and-a-half-minute video has since garnered larger than 180,000 views and over 9,000 likes.


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The individual said that because of she had arrived an hour before anticipated for her scheduled go to to her Ah ma, she decided to reap the advantages of the prospect to get a therapeutic massage at ‘some TCM therapeutic store’ located beneath her grandmother’s residence.

Everything appeared peachy at first. When the masseuse requested the individual how she was, she didn’t suppose one thing was amiss. Instead, she felt comfortable ample to share her ‘life struggles’ whereas receiving the therapeutic massage.

“The moment they asked me like oh, how are you? I tell you my whole f***ing life story. I couldn’t stop talking, I couldn’t stop oversharing, and I couldn’t stop ranting about life struggles, you know?” said the individual inside the video. “I’ll talk to them like they’re my therapist or something.”

After the therapeutic massage ended, the individual said that the masseuse went to get a cup of tea for her. But whereas prepared for said tea, she claimed that the masseuse the entire sudden pulled her into this darkish room and commenced undressing her excessive half.

“She pulled me into a dark room when I thought she was going to sell me a package, and she took off her shirt and then unclasped her bra from the front,” the individual said in a baffled tone, sooner than persevering with to level out the viewers an illustration of how the masseuse did it.

She added: “I was literally speechless. My mouth was f***ing open.”

Although the individual had nothing nevertheless reward for the boobs the masseuse confirmed her, it nonetheless bought right here off as a shock to the girl and left her confused.


“I’m just super confused like why would she show me her boobs? Why would she show me her boobs if she didn’t even do a boob job?” said the individual. 

She continued: “If she did a boob job and she wanted to show me the results, then okay, that might be reasonable. But if she never do then why the f*** she show me?”

When requested by totally different TikTok clients on-line who doubted her story on the store’s establish, she commented:

“Btw the shop is some TCM healing shop like legit TCM kind, not shady kind like Kingspa so I wasn’t expecting okay.”


Regardless, that’s one methodology to get people all on your therapeutic massage parlour.

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‘Why would she present me her boobs’: Woman surprised at masseuse’s behaviour after therapeutic massage at ‘TCM store beneath my Ah ma’s home’.For More Article Visit Passengernews24

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