Woman describes shock of discovering husband’s mummified stays in closet


The Illinois girl who found her husband’s physique inside a closet months after he vanished talked about she made the beautiful discovery whereas she was trying to find Christmas decorations to have enjoyable the holidays in his absence.

Jennifer Maedge, 49, reported her husband, Richard Maedge, 53, missing on April 27, nevertheless police acquired right here up empty until she opened the closet on Dec. 11.

“I know it may sound odd. I was just trying to figure out the best way to celebrate the holidays without knowing the whereabouts of my husband,” Maedge suggested People journal.

“I had been contemplating that for weeks before I decided to put up some Christmas decorations, to put me more in the Christmas spirit and to honor my husband, in a way,” she talked about.

“The holidays last year were hard to celebrate while Rich’s disappearance was unsolved,” Maedge added.

Jennifer Maedge, who found her husband's mummified remains in a closet
Jennifer Maedge talked about she decided to put the Christmas tree up and was trying to find ornaments when she discovered the mummified stays of her husband, Richard.

She talked about she entered what she described as a closet-within-a-closet in her Troy dwelling, the place she shone a flashlight that uncovered her husband’s mummified stays.

“It was pretty shocking,” talked about Maedge, who had been married to Richard for 20 years.

His loss of life has been dominated a suicide and there have been no indicators of foul play, in maintaining with Madison County Coroner Steve Nonn.

Richard Maedge, who committed suicide and was found in a closet
“I know it may sound odd. I was just trying to figure out the best way to celebrate the holidays without knowing the whereabouts of my husband,” Maedge talked about.
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“He had mental health issues in the past and he would get help for it,” Maedge suggested the journal. “And he told me that he knew the breaking point, and he would get help. So, this would be the most farfetched of anything — that he would actually go through with this.”

She added:  “He never verbalized anything [like] he would take his life to me.”

Chief Deputy Coroner Kelly Rogers suggested KTVI that police noticed a “sewer-like” odor whereas they carried out a search.

A plumber who checked the stench described it as sewer gasoline and positioned a cap on a pipe inside the basement – which helped clear the air, Rogers talked about.

She described the residence as a “hoarder home.”

“‘Hoarder’ is a strong word, but he was more — I would consider, more of a pack rat. He didn’t want to get rid of anything,” Maedge suggested People.

Jennifer and Richard Maedge
Richard Maedge was reported missing on the afternoon of April 27.
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“The smell did not take up the whole entire house, it was very, very confusing and everything, because there’s not a basement or anything, it’s more of a crawl space and a cellar,” she talked about.

 “Plus, I have four dogs and a cat roaming around, so you get many different smells. And then also, my sinuses were bothering me at the time, too. So, you’re trying to figure things out and you’re getting confused at where it’s [coming from],” Maedge added.

Rogers talked about it may need been powerful to pinpoint the availability of the small consequently of the stays when found have been in a mummified state.

“I was trying to keep an optimistic kind of outlook just in case he happened to be alive,” Maedge talked about.

“I mean, I always knew that there was a positive and a negative of being alive and being dead throughout the whole entire thing. But if he happened to be alive and I thought he was dead, I would’ve felt really guilty,” she talked about.

“I know he wouldn’t want me to dwell in his loss or his passing or anything,” she says, “so I just have to try to figure out how to move on,” Maedge added.

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