Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Chain Attacks: How To Unlock & Perform


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an movement role-playing on-line recreation that features a wide range of monsters. To defeat these monsters, you need plenty of expertise and experience. Chain assaults are the simplest character arts that ship three characters altogether in the direction of enemies. While this assault can inflict most harm, it’s maybe a bit powerful to utilize it. Not to stress, proper right here’s our info on strategies to unlock and perform chain assaults in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Unlock Chain Attacks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


  • You can unlock chain assaults by defeating the Gyanna Aspar monster all through Riku and Manana’s commonplace quest all through Chapter 2.
  • As rapidly as you defeat the monster, you’ll unlock and have the flexibility to hold out the Chain assaults.
  • But sooner than you make the most of this assault, you could price and fill the Chain assault gauge or meter.
  • While this gauge doesn’t appear, it does appear on the bottom-right of your show all through a battle.
  • We counsel combating the Elite and Uniquetypes of monsters to price the gauge.
  • You can inflict plenty of combos, perform actions, and cancel assaults on arts in the direction of your enemies to fill the gauge.

How to Perform a Chain Attack

Follow the talked about beneath steps:


  • You can use and perform the chain assault as quickly because the gauge is crammed. Hit the (+) button to start out out the chain assault.
  • As the assault begins, look ahead to the animation and choose between three orders for the Chain assault.
  • But these chain orders shall be random based in your current event.
  • If you’ve a Hero in your event, the chain order may even embrace the hero.
  • Upon selecting the order, confirm for the completion bonus of each order.
  • Then, choose one card out of three chain orders to select your first chain assault.
xenoblade chronicles 3 how to perform chain attacks
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  • As the battle begins, choose the remaining event members from the underside left of your show. You can see the Tactical Points (TP) above their icons.
  • Now, now we have to fill the Chain Order meter using these tactical components.
  • If the TP is above 100%, you’ll have the ability to inflict good harm to your enemies.
  • If the meter simply isn’t drained after one spherical, it might begin one different spherical of chain assault.
  • But your characters is probably unavailable as you’ve already used them via the battle.
  • As one other, you need to make the most of the Defender characters as they’re usually reactivated with most TP for the next chain order.


That’s the whole thing coated on strategies to unlock and perform Chain assaults in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. If you most well-liked this info, attempt our totally different guides on strategies to extend interlink, strategies to revive characters, and strategies to cancel an Attack in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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