‘You high-quality me, I sue you’: Hougang resident upset over city council asking him take away vegetation from unit


For one green-thumbed man in Hougang, caring for his vegetation is a satisfying ardour to maneuver the time. 

So, he was understandably furious when the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council allegedly requested him to take away the vegetation exterior his unit.

“I used to have so many more plants here,” aged man instructed content material materials creator Turf Wars in a TikTok video posted yesterday (Jan 19).

However, the sprightly man is unwilling to go down just like that. 

In retaliation to the city council’s requires, he talked about on the video that he’s giving them three decisions.

The first was to ask a reporter to publicise his case. 

“How come other people can grow plants but I can’t? You don’t have to walk very far to see,” he talked about whereas gesturing at his neighbour’s properties. 

The second alternative was that if the city council fines him, he talked about he’ll sue them. 

“You fine me, I sue you. See you in court,” he talked about fiercely. 

But whatever the main two menacing-sounding decisions, his third was surprisingly somewhat bit tamer. 

“I’ll stop growing plants,” he merely talked about. 

“Forget it, anyway, it’s just a casual hobby,” he outlined

In the TikTok comment thread, many netizens recognized that as long as this man is able to maintain his vegetation neatly, he should be allowed to take motion. 

Some moreover talked about that his vegetation helped to “beautify the surroundings” too. 


Others had been moreover amused by the excellence between the first two decisions and his last alternative. 


However, there have been plenty of who felt similar to the aged man was being “entitled”, with one saying that he was behaving as if he lives in a landed property. 


According to the Hougang Town Council’s by-laws, residents shouldn’t allowed to hinder or set off or enable the obstruction of the lawful use of any widespread property with any objects or fixtures. 

The city council may be allowed to take away any object, fixture or issue obstructing use of the widespread property. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Aljunied-Hougang Town Council and Turf Wars for additional particulars. 

Town council trimmed his vegetation

In November last yr, one different man shared that the city council made him trim down the vegetation in his Jurong West HDB flat. 

The flat had been an attention-grabbing sight for years, due to the massively overgrown and unruly vegetation rising out of the unit’s residence home windows. 

This induced some displeasure with a number of of his neighbours and authorities stepped in to get staff to trim the overgrown vegetation. 

The job was achieved after some six hours. 

Later on, the individual admitted to a reporter from Shin Min Daily info that he was heartbroken when the authorities turned up to prune his beloved vegetation, nonetheless he didn’t object as he didn’t want to start a battle. 

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‘You high-quality me, I sue you’: Hougang resident upset over city council asking him take away vegetation from unit.For More Article Visit Passengernews24

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